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2015 Trip Blog

During this year's trip the Head Teacher, Gary Murrell, will be keeping us up to date with this blog...
Picture 1 Our Groupie Mike has been fantastic!!
*** weary eyes, so must be our last day... the sunny weather remains with us at Liddington for the final activities; the climbing wall and the challenge course. Soon it will be our lunch then homeward bound, the boys filled with a sense of accomplishment and the story of their time at this fantastic centre......
Picture 1 No obstacle for these superstars!
Picture 2 Working hard.
Picture 3 So determined!
*** and the obstacle course....
Picture 1 Leo and Eric are playing Spider-Man!
Picture 2 Rawdie & Bowen climbing like pros!
*** this morning...a spot of climbing!
Picture 1 Great fun!
Picture 2 "whoa, this is awesome"!
Picture 3 Flying high!
*** the talk over lunch was that raft building was the "best activity ever"..... But the afternoon was exciting too, with Aeroball and the dramatic big swing.... the weather is beautifully warm and the disco to follow for the evening makes PGL life pretty rewarding!
Picture 1 A fab afternoon for Aeroball!
*** It's hot down by the lake now.... ropes, wooden planks, barrels. It was all going well with our raft, the catamaran deluxe model of PGL...then someone slipped off, then another.... ummm.... showers before lunch and the afternoon activities, I think!
Picture 1 And we're off!
Picture 2 Getting underway!
Picture 3 The best raft on the lake!
Picture 4 It was all going so well!
Picture 5 Total carnage...total joy!
*** 8am now and breakfast....the sun shining out of a blue sky...a perfect morning to test the boys' raft building skills down on the lake...watch this space for photos to follow!
Picture 1 Some wonderful styles!
Picture 2 Team Loftus/Jackson beat Team Murrell!!!
*** What an evening! A bizarre accumulation of 'wacky races' led to some hilarity on the field!!
Picture 1 Looking nervous!
Picture 2 Success!!!
*** We have arrived and enjoyed our lunch in the sunshine.....rooms are great... now a game of football before our first activity - Jacob's Ladder!
Picture 1 Setting off!
Picture 2 We're here!!