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2017 Blog - Day 1

The day is finally here - Wednesday June 7th! We all arrived at school bright and early and were eager to get going!




We loaded on to the coach and off we went!




We arrived in plenty of time, met our group leader Sam and piled in to our rooms. Surprise, surprise - the boys were the noisiest room! We had lunch and are now preparing for our first activities.



Group 1: Perfect Great Lemmings



We did two activities this afternoon - the vertical challenge and survivor. We had to climb up a rope ladder, a tyre ladder and a climbing wall to get to the top. We also had to build the best shelter with just a tarpaulin. We each had a go at starting a fire!





Group 2: Splendidos



We started out with Aeroball and abseiling! Aeroball is so much fun... although Mrs Jackson was VERY competitive! We wish we could have one at school.



Group 3 - Smiling Amazing Seals


We are sorry about the poor quality of this photo... Mrs Loftus has now learnt how to take a picture so we will post a better one tomorrow!


We also started with Aeroball and Abseiling! We have loved every minute of it!