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2017 Blog - Day 2

Group 1 - Perfect Great Lemmings


This morning we have been abseiling and climbing. We have all achieved some amazing things today and overcome our fear of heights. Mr Emms called us all Leg-Ends!






The whole point of canoeing is to stay in your boat... somebody forgot to explain that to a couple of our children! Also, whoever said that it is OK to push the headteacher into a pond? It wouldn't have happened in my day!





Group 2 - Splendidos


We have been raft building and canoeing this morning... it was a bit wet and drizzly but we got through it!






This afternoon we all learned about conquering fears of heights as well as taking responsibility for the safety of our friends. We loved climbing so high - even Mrs Jackson had a go on the vertical challenge. (She didn't make it to the top... don't tell anyone!)





Group 3 - Smiling Amazing Seals


We also did raft building and canoeing this morning. We think we were wetter than the other group!






The Seals have had a great afternoon overcoming fears and facing challenges. We completed the vertical challenge and climbing. We have supported each other to get as high as we possibly could. We even had some belay experts keeping others safe!





*It also seems as if we had a couple of late nights...