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Physical Education

In Physical Education we want to inspire our students to participate in and enjoy physical activity, and to recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle which continues into adulthood. We are proud to offer netball, football, swimming, tag rugby, rounders, cricket, dance and gymnastics amongst other activities and sports. It is our opinion that our sports provision is excellent and well rounded, providing children with excellent choice and diversity within their physical education.


In KS2, children have a variety of different opportunities to take part in competitive fixtures against other schools. We are extremely proud of our football, swimming, rounders and athletics teams and their achievements are keenly followed by our students via assemblies and our sports board.


Having recently received government sports funding, we have invested in expert sports coaching through ‘Onside Coaching’, new markings for our playground and a large amount of new and exciting sports equipment for the students to enjoy. All of these inspiring and exciting developments have allowed us to ensure that our Physical Education continues to develop and progress, offering our students the best provision possible.