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The Christmas Plays

This Christmas the children and staff worked really hard to put on our Christmas Plays. The younger children in Reception and Year 1 & 2 did 'Children of the World' and the older children in Years 3-6 did 'Cinderella & Rockafella'. Both plays were a huge success and we received a number of very kind messages from parents and the wider community.


"my wife and I were privileged yesterday afternoon to witness the two Christmas plays performed by the children of the school. We were so impressed with the performance of all the children I felt I had to contact you to congratulate all concerned with the professionalism of the performers, bearing in mind the differing ages of those taking part, together with those children simply supporting from the wings. It was funny, it was sad, it was enjoyed by the grandparents and the beaming face of the children said it all, they enjoyed it as well."


"we must not forget the hard work put in by the backroom staff, i.e. the teachers, to achieve such a high standard of performance and we send them all our thanks and congratulations. "



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