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2021/2022 Blogs

Blog update 16th May 2022

We have given out scripts for our summer production today and we are really excited!

The songs are all on this website under class 3 - homework projects.  You can begin practising now!


Blog update 11 May 2022

Sats week is almost over already!

We are so proud of how well our year 6’s have performed this week!  We are also very excited about the post-SATs party that they year 5’s have been planning.
Next week we will be introducing KS2 to the script for Pirates of the Curry Bean… this is when the fun part of the school year really starts!

Blog update 31st March 2022

Sadly, tomorrow is Miss Holt’s last day with class 3. She has been working with us as a student teacher since before half term and we wish her the best of luck in her future career.  We all think she is a fantastic teacher!

Next week is the last week of the half term and we only have 3 school weeks before the year 6’s sit their SATs. We are all very well prepared already, but we will continue to make sure the children have the exposure to test-style questions to be ready to showcase what they can do. If you have any questions about the SATs, please do review the presentation, or come and ask!

In preparation for our next topic, we have issued a mini-project to look at over Easter. Please research the solar system and be ready to present your findings on the first day back after the holiday.

A fantastic week, including gymnastics and World Book Day!

Our new topic is evolution so we have been digging for fossils!

University of Warwick Physics outreach event!

Blog update 26.1.22

We are having a super lesson about static electricity with Mr Harrison from DSLV!

Blog update 12.1.22

We are using our physicality in our learning this week! After a really engaging Now Press Play experience about electricity, we are building our scientific understanding of electricity into our PE dance lessons too.  Photos are in the gallery!

Our class text is Cogheart - please continue to read this together at home.

2nd January 2022 blog update

Welcome back! We have a brilliant half term planned for the start of this year. Our topic is ‘steaming ahead’ and we will be learning all about how the industrial revolution changed our world. We will build on our understanding of the Victorians from work in class 2, and expand this further to think about important inventions and the impact they have.

With the world as it is right now, it is really important that we ensure we can all log on to Teams, Spelling Shed, Education City and TTRS from home.  We will revisit this in class this week but please do so at home too and let us know if anything doesn’t quite work!

Happy new year!


Blog update 16th December 2021

This week has been all about our big DT project! We are so proud of how well the class dealt with problem solving and applying practical skills, from wood working to electric circuits. This resulted in some super toy cars: everyone was delighted to be able to taken them home for Christmas!

At the start of term next year we are moving on to studying the industrial revolution in our ‘Steaming Ahead’ topic. It will be amazing!

Beginning our DT project!

Blog update 7th December 

Christmas has landed in class 3, we are so busy and excited! We are finishing our renaissance topic this week, and next week we are undertaking a DT project, in between the festivities.  In addition, this week we are sitting our termly tests and the class have been amazingly resilient and focused.  Great effort, class 3! 
next half term we are looking at the industrial revolution, as we continue the theme of topics that centre on time periods that changed the world. 

Blog update 25th November 

What a busy week at the Priors! Our rowing competition yesterday was fantastic, as was this morning’s ball skills competition.  
In literacy we have begun working on Hamlet: it is worth re-reading this at home if anyone isn’t clear yet on the whole story as we will continue to work on this in the run-up to Christmas.  We are also busy practicing for the Carol Concert on 15th December, which is helping us all get excited for the festive season already!

Drama with DSLV!

Blog update 15th November 2021

Hot on the heels of our first football match in many moons, we are delighted with the number of sporting opportunities we are able to offer over the next couple of weeks! We have two more football matches to look forward to, as well as a rowing competition and our year 5’s also successfully qualified in to the top ten in the ball skills competition, so will be going forward to the next stage. It is wonderful to be able to offer these wider competitive occasions to our class and we are sure that in every instance they will do us all proud!

Welcome back to a new half term!

We have all returned feeling positive and ready to learn. Our new topic is the Renaissance, and we are excited about learning about everyone from Shakespeare to Da Vinci. We are linking our topic to the rise of scientific understanding, as we investigate animals including humans in our science lessons.

In addition, we have some exciting alternative lessons to look forward to! DSLV have kindly offered us some lessons with their teachers, so over the next couple of weeks we will have a drama lesson and a science lesson provided by their staff, which is an excellent opportunity to learn more about secondary school and what to expect.

Swimming lessons continue, as do other sporting opportunities! After yesterday’s football match we also have a rowing competition and an indoor sports competition to look forward to!

Race for Life - amazing work Class 3!

Blog update 13th October

Class 3 are having a very successful and busy half term! Our knowledge and understanding of all things Roman is developing daily and we are really engaged with our learning.

Our trip to Lunt Roman Fort was a particular highlight! Learning how to fight like a Roman and what life was like in the Fort 2000 years ago was fascinating.

Our current key focus is on reading for pleasure. It is really important that everyone in the class is reading for at least 20 minutes an evening, to build that fluency and appreciation of reading.  It helps with absolutely everything in school!

Please record your reading DAILY in your homework diary - this will be exchanged for house points.