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Blog Update 27th April 2020


Well done with persevering though lockdown everyone!  I am so proud of you all.  Please do have a look at the Space Encyclopedia on the class pages below, it is AWESOME!  It's great to be able to share your work even though we aren't together.

22nd March 2020


Well.... it's Sunday afternoon and we won't be in the classroom tomorrow.  :-(

Please be assured everyone that we will be back together, Year 6's we will arrange Leavers' events if it comes to it that we don't make it back into school before the end of the Summer Term.  We remain hopeful that we will be able to come back into School and return to normal in this school year and are working on that basis for now.


Tomorrow morning, by 9am, I will be sending you my first remote learning email!  Every day I hope we will all be able to join in with Joe Wicks' 9AM PE lesson on YouTube.  A link is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6r99N3kXME 


I will be issuing an example timetable for your school days with my first email in the morning, which may help you schedule you days.  It is advice, not a rigid expectation!


Please do email me on class3@thepriorsschool.co.uk if you have any questions or concerns.  

Stay safe... and wash your hands!


Blog update 28th February 2020


We are pleased to be back in the rhythms of school life as the days get longer and warmer (although a break in the rain would be nice!).  This term we are immersing ourselves in the topic of Evolution - looking at inheritance, the development of life on Earth, and how we are related to the other Great Apes.  We are using some quality texts from Anthony Browne to assist us on our journey of discovery, and we will be creating some artistic masterpieces in art using his illustration techniques.

Blog Update 6th February 2020


We are half way through the school year!  The first spring flowers are starting to bloom and we are looking forward to so many things as the year 6's start a long list of 'last' times at Primary School.  The first of these was the last class assembly, which was a big success on Friday.  We are very proud of how hard the children worked and we are already excited about the forthcoming summer production, so many excellent acting skills to showcase!

Next week we will be looking at our homework projects on Monday, which is always an enjoyable and informative event as the children show and tell their home learning.  We will be also writing some persuasive texts which help consolidate our learning about the industrial revolution - deciding which invention of the age was the most important, and justifying our reasoning.  We move on to studying Evolution as our topic after the holidays!

Blog Update 27th January 2020


Well January appears to be the longest month ever, but we are powering on through!  We are really excited about this Friday's assembly, when we will be acting out Dickens' Christmas Carol to the school and our loved ones.  We are reading Mr Murrell's story called 'The Christmas Journey' as our class text this week and we are comparing his Victorian-themed story with the Dickens classic, as well as 'The Photo Album' which is our literacy text inspiration for story-writing.


In maths, Mrs Jackson is taking small groups of year 6's out in assembly times to help get some more calculations practise in.  All year 6's will be doing this at some point, on a relatively regular basis.  If you would like your child to get a little extra practise in at home, there are worksheets available on the 'optional homework' section, as well as Times Tables Rock Stars and Education City games online.

Blog update 21st January 2020


Well many of us are feeling a little tired today after an awesome night at Young Voices yesterday!  We were able to take 22 of the class along for an excellent experience, dancing and singing with 6000 other schools.  We had a wonderful time and the children were all beautifully behaved, a real credit to themselves, their families and the school.  My thoughts are already now beginning to turn to the summer production, we have so many talented performers in class 3!  


On the subject of performance, we began practising in earnest this morning for next Friday's class assembly.  We will be acting out A Christmas Carol, as we study Dickens in literacy.  This is all linked to 'Steaming Ahead' as we investigate the social changes that took place during the industrial revolution.  This is also being borne out in our art lessons, where we are going to be looking at some famous art from the industrial revolution era, such as Turner and Lowry.

Blog update 6th January 2020:

welcome back to a new decade! We are all rested and raring to go. Our topic this half term is ‘steaming ahead’. We are investigating the industrial revolution, and learning about the Victorian age from a range of perspectives.  Our first text in literacy is a diary entry based on ‘Girl and Robot’, a short film.

On Thursday we will be gathering in our book bingo projects!  We will be creating book reviews next week in guided reading based on this homework so this needs to be completed ASAP.

Blog update 6th December 2019


We have been really busy learning about measurements in class 3, particularly converting metric measurements such as grams and kilograms, and litres and millilitres.  We've also been investigating converting imperial and metric measures.  


Therefore Mrs Jackson decrees that all of class 3 should be practising at home... by cooking!  Get busy, bake some cakes, make biscuits or treats such as fudge to give to family as Christmas presents, cook dinner... anything that involves using those fantastic weighing, measuring and converting skills that we have been learning about in class.  Good luck!!

Blog Update 2nd December 2019


What a fabulous half term we are having in class 3!  We are very busy learning about The Renaissance... as well as practising our Christmas songs, learning about measurements in maths, learning about how the human body works in science... lots of great fun and learning to be had!


Mrs Hugo has been with us for a couple of weeks now and is a wonderful asset to our class.  All children will be working with Mrs Hugo in small groups at one point or another to enhance their progress.


Next week we are off to the theatre to see Pippi Longstocking, which we are also very excited about.  The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of excitement!

Blog update 24th October 2019


It's almost the end of a long and busy half term.  We have really loved learning about the Romans and we're excited about moving on to learn about another wave of huge change and invention in Europe, as our next topic is the Renaissance.


Compulsory homework for the half term holiday for everyone in class 3: relax, recharge and read a good book!

Blog update 15th October 2019


Right now my ears are still ringing with the dulcet tones of class 3 singing the Queen medley that they have been practising for Young Voices - it is going to be such a wonderful day and evening!  Please do make sure you have your ticket requests in if you would like your parents to come along, as it is an experience not to be missed! 


This week is all about rehearsing for our class assembly on Friday.  Not only Boudicca but also a great swathe of the Roman Army will all be dramatising their own demise: another unmissable event in the Class 3 calendar!


Next week is our last week of the half term and we will be completing our amazing Roman Draco technology projects... we are hoping to decorate the ceiling of the classroom and keep all the Barbarians at bay!

Blog update 4th October 2019


Another busy and memorable week in class 3.  On Monday most of the Y6's took part in the first bike right course (part two this coming Monday).  All the children who took part found it really useful!

Tuesday was a very special day - we made a really fantastic mosaic with the help of Andrew, the visiting artist.  See the gallery for pictures!  It's wonderful to think that this art installation may be still be here, pride of place in the entrance lobby, when Class 3's grandchildren are working their way through Primary School!

In maths we have been applying our understanding of pure maths (specifically division) to real life situations.  This has been a challenge but everyone has really worked hard to grasp the techniques to be successful.  We will be continuing to link fractions to division and to real-life mathematical challenges next week.

In addition, we will begin to rehearse for our class assembly next week!  We look forward to showcasing our acting talents (as well as our understanding of what the Romans have done for us) on 18th October.

Blog update 27 September 2019


In literacy, this has been poetry week!  We have been busy making our own poems about Romans, ready for submission to the Southam Lions poetry competition.  Wish us luck!

Next week we will be moving on to making interesting fact sheets about Roman characters.

We also have an incredibly exciting Tuesday planned as we have a mosaic artist coming in to work with the class.  Our ambition is to create a fantastic mosaic of our own design to display in the new school lobby (which is due to be built in the half term).

Year 6's are also anticipating their Bike Right course on Monday, good luck everyone taking part!

Blog update 19th September 2019


Three weeks in and we are really enjoying learning in class 3.  We have been writing our own Roman mysteries, as well as reading the Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence (from her Roman Mysteries series), for inspiration.  Our mission is to work on being able to edit and improve our work, including using more advanced vocabulary and sentence types to make our writing more interesting.

As our compositions lengthen, we are sometimes working on the computer in literacy.   To this end, some children may really benefit from playing the typing games on Purple Mash (logins in homework diaries) to improve their typing speed.  A definite advantage in modern society!

Blog update 13th September 2019


We are all settled into our new school routines, although we have already had lots of changes to the run-of-the-mill timetable, such as our trip to Chedworth Roman Villa last Monday, and the Sports Hall Athletics session on Wednesday.  All great learning opportunities outside of the classroom!


Looking forward, we have Harvest Festival on Monday, before we begin a science investigation into how Romans would have preserved food, and the different methods available to them before the fridge-freezer was invented.  We also have an opportunity to enter a very exciting writing competition as a home learning project, see the 'optional homework' tab for more details!

Blog Update 5th September 2019


Welcome to a brand new year in Class 3!  We have so many exciting events lined up, not least of which is our school trip to Chedworth Roman Villa on Monday (9th), to kick off our half-term's topic on 'What did the Romans ever do for us?'.


As we begin a new year, now is a good time to set our our expectations for homework.  We subscribe to Mathletics, Purple Mash and Spelling Shed.  We do not believe in homework feeling like death by a thousand worksheets, instead every term there is a large project to complete, where there are a number of choices, and children should take the opportunity to really engage in a directed area of learning that they want to find out more about.  See the 'homework projects' section on this class page for information on this half-term's project.


Spelling tests are on Mondays and all spellings are on the website - we will begin at week one (although as we are on a trip on Monday, our first spelling test will be Tuesday 10th September!).  Spelling Shed will have the correct spellings to match the week as games to practise on.


We expect everyone to read for at least 20 minutes a night and to record reading in their homework diaries.  I will sign homework diaries on Wednesdays and so also ask for them to be signed weekly by parents to show they have been checked and reading has been recorded.


If you have any questions please do pop in, catch us on the playground or email school, we are very happy to help in any way we can!


Blog update 8th July 2019


So July is proving to be everything it should be at school: excellent progress towards another 'Priors Standard' production, Sports Day, outdoor learning, and preparation for the Year 6's transition to Secondary School!  

There is barely any time for traditional lessons, but we are squeezing in a little here and there, as we learn about what the future may hold in store.  We are using our Flour Babies to help us answer the big question 'why do you have to be a grown-up to have a baby?' and it is interesting to see, a week in, just how many 'babies' are sporting layers of sellotape etc to hold them together...!!

The Y6 end of term treat to Legoland is on Friday, Mrs Jackson should be at home in the sunshine... but will be accompanying Mr Emms for what we're sure will be a fantastic and memorable day out for our leavers!

Blog Update 24th June 2019


So we're back from the best residential ever!  We had such a brilliant time, all 24 representatives of the Priors School were beautifully behaved (as was the weather) and challenged themselves in ways they didn't think were possible.  We've come back into school this morning feeling older, wiser and braver... which is particularly good timing for the Year 6's, as many of them are off on their transition days to secondary school this week!


Every day this week is jam-packed, trying to fit in lessons and many exciting events.  Today we have been rehearsing for the first time without scripts (which is the scariest rehearsal of all!); tomorrow we have our Inspired Through Sport Workshop; Dogs Trust are visiting on Wednesday for another workshop, and Thursday is the internal transition day.  Friday we'll be back to rehearsing, hopefully with songs and dances!  


It is absolutely 100% essential that every child is practising their lines on a daily basis, as well as using the songs on this website to practise.  We have a reputation for producing excellent end-of-year performances and we know that this is only possible if everyone knows their lines.  Practising will hugely increase confidence and leave space for super acting.  

11 June update


It’s unseasonably cold, wet and miserable out there but things continue to hot up in the classroom with our summer plans! The production rehearsals are going well but we all need to be practising the songs and lines at home - the songs on here have been updated so hopefully are all as they should be to practise at home.On top of this everyone must continue to practise spellings - many children seen to have taken their eye off the ball with this and it is so important to work at it. Spelling Shed is up to date, do use it!


We received a very detailed from the House of Commons yesterday! The Minister responsible for Climate Change sent a personalised and full response to our concerns, which put our minds at rest that action is being taken.  We will continue to prioritise our eco credentials in class (and Eco Club) as we all care about our amazing planet!

4th June 2019


So here we are, back for the last term of this school year.  We’re all geared up for a very exciting 7 weeks!

Our topic follows on from last term, and is ‘all about me’.  We will be looking in depth at the book ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio before starting ‘Flour Babies’ by Anne Fine, using it as a focus for looking at the big question ‘why do you have to be a grown up to have babies?’.

We also have our fabulous residential Marle Hall in a couple of weeks... Mr Emms, Miss Dyke and myself are very much looking forward to it and are on weather watch already!

Perhaps even more importantly, we are now in full rehearsal swing for ‘Rock Bottom’.   Learning lines and songs is the most important homework of the year!!  We have a reputation for truly excellent performances from our superstar pupils and, with practise, we’re sure this year will be no different.

Blog update 14th May 2019


We are knee-deep in SATs week!  We are so, so proud of our super Y6's, they are really working hard to show off all they have learned this year.  SATs are an opportunity for our children to really feel that pride in what they have learned and what they can accomplish; they all seem positively pleased with how they have got on so far.  Maths tomorrow and again on Thursday, before a big secret surprise that is being 'cooked up' by the Y5's... and Urban Strides will be in for a fantastic dance workshop on Friday!


Just a quick reminder, spelling test will be on week 29 on Monday.


Blog update 8th May 2019


Here we are, back in the shortest half-term imaginable, but what a busy one!  Our topic this half-term is 'when I grow up' and next half-term is linked, when we'll be looking at 'all about me'.  An essential element of this half-term is year 6 undertaking their SATs, and we have been thinking about the reasons for and against sitting tests in Primary School.  All of the class have been writing really well thought-through balanced arguments and have been able to justify their opinions effectively.

Next week we will be looking at writing our own stories based on the books 'Rosie Revere, Engineer' and 'Ada Twist, Scientist', as we consider what we could be when we grow up.  

The homework project linked to our hopes and dreams for our futures is due in after half term, so plenty of time to give it some thorough investigation.

We have also been turning our thoughts to next half-term's Summer Production!  Our play is called 'Rock Bottom' and is set in the Stone Age.  It is a very funny script - all of class 3 already know their parts so can be learning their lines in preparation for rehearsals to begin in earnest after half term.

Blog update 3 April 2019 

We had a very successful Marle Hall meeting last night, thank you so much all of you who attended!  If you have any further questions or were not able to attend, please do ask.  The documentation that will be required is all now on Marle Hall section on the website.  We are hugely looking forward to attending the residential!

In maths this week we have made great strides forward in our understanding of ratio and proportion, including looking at recipes; building on our excellent cookery session with Mrs Hookey last week.

As a culmination of our 'eco-warriors' topic, we are currently drafting letters to our MP's to ask them to take action on the particular areas of climate change that concern us.   We look forward to sending them next week and receiving some responses to our requests!

Blog update 20th March 2019

Just a quick update to say we are on week 24 for spellings, please practise for spelling tests on Monday 25th March.

Remember to get your homework diary signed and to record your reading every night!

Blog update 15th March 2019

We absolutely loved our Monday, when the famous author Cat Weatherill came to spend the day in school!  After an exciting assembly (featuring fairy lights!) we had a challenging and inspiring workshop where Cat shared her 'tricks of the trade' of how to identify a good idea, a great idea or an idea that is '100% me!'.

We've used this inspiration to help us complete our stories this week, and I'm sure it will stick with us as we work on our dialogue based on 'The Windmill Farmer'.  


Knowing that Parents' Evening appointments are nearly upon us, we have prepared by completing some maths and reading tests this week.  We will be able to share these results next week, along with analysis of areas for focus on in the future.

Blog update 1st March 2019 

After a lovely half term break, we're all back and raring to take on the challenge to become 'Eco Warriors'!  We're delighted with how many children have already begun making 'eco bricks', which we hope to use to build something special... 


For the first couple of weeks of this term in literacy, we won't be linking our work to the topic for the very good reason we are preparing for our author visit!  Cat Weatherill will be coming to run a workshop with us on 11 March, and with that in mind we are reading one of her books, Wild Magic.  It has been splendid this week to be reading the book as a class, which is based on the Pied Piper from an alternative viewpoint.  We've had gasps of excitement as the plot thickens, and howls of disappointment when the chapter ends on a cliff-hanger... to be continued the next day!  Taking inspiration from this story, we are creating our own alternative versions of well known tales, such as the tale of the Billy Goats Gruff from the perspective of the Troll.  


Today, as I'm sure all year 6 parents are fully aware, is National Offer Day for Secondary School.  We have our fingers crossed that everyone is happy with the outcome, but confident that this group will all do well wherever they go, thanks to their positive attitude to learning!  Good luck year 6's!

Blog update 7th February 2019


Unbelievably, it's the last week of this half term next week... where has the time gone!  We are creating fact sheets on Greek heroes (both real and mythical) that we hope to produce to 'display standard'!


Science has been really engaging this half term; we have been studying changes to materials and had an excellent lesson on Monday investigating how to separate mixtures, leading on from the previous week's 'dissolving' investigation.  


After half term we will be moving onto a new topic, 'Eco Warriors'.  We will be complimenting the learning that has taken place this year in Class 2 (where they were focusing on plastic pollution) with an investigation into sustainable energy and resources.  We hope to encourage our school and wider community to take positive steps to improve the amount of reducing, reusing and recycling that we get involved with, as well as studying the pros and cons of sustainable energy sources.

Separating mixtures!

Blog update 24th January 2019


So most of class 3 are feeling quite tired but happy today, after an amazing night at the Young Voices concert!  We sang our hearts out, danced our socks off, and represented our school really brilliantly.  The children had put in such a great effort in their music lessons to make sure they had learned all of the words, and were beautifully behaved, a real credit to themselves and their families.


After all that excitement we are also looking forward to our class assembly tomorrow, teaching the rest of the school and our families about Ancient Greece!


Next week we will move on from writing our Greek Myths to creating fact files about Greek Heroes and Heroines.  We will be continuing to study geometry in maths, learning more about the principles that were first recorded by the Ancient Greeks - the true heroes of the age!

Blog update 17 January 2019 


We have a very exciting week coming up next week, which we have been preparing for in earnest this week.  On Wednesday we have our class trip to 'Young Voices' at the NEC (Events World Arena) in Birmingham.  We'll be part of the world's biggest choir and will have the night of our lives!  We've been learning the dance routines instead of doing the Daily Mile this week, some of them are certainly energetic...!  


In addition, our class assembly is next week, which is all about the Ancient Greeks (our topic this term).  We have been rehearsing this and will need to practise our words over the weekend so we're word-perfect.  We are continuing to write our Greek Myths, and next week we're moving onto another area of Ancient Greek learning, geometry.


Every single children in class will be working in small groups with different members of staff over the course of this term, to ensure all children are given the opportunity for focused teaching and support.  If you have any questions about what this entails for you or your child, please do ask!


Blog update 10th January 2019 

Welcome back and happy new year!


We have begun our Spring term with a new topic, the Ancient Greeks.  We are really looking forward to some excellent and exciting learning opportunities, including exploring myths, maths, historical investigations and creativity!


In Science, we are studying materials, their changes and their properties.  We will be undertaking a range of investigations, ensuring that our tests are fair.


Our outdoor learning is still a big focus - making the most of our fantastic surroundings.  Please come in dressed for the weather, as we will still be going outside regardless of the conditions.  As Billy Connolly said, there's never the wrong weather, only the wrong clothes!




Our amazing Young Voices concert is only a month away - please spend as much time as possible over the Christmas Holidays practising your songs, so that we have the best time possible.

If you're not sure if it's worth it, ask anyone who went along last year!  It's the best fun!

Follow the link on the 'Young Voices' section of the website or copy and paste the link below.


Blog update 14th December 2018 


We have had a really fantastic week in school this week; the whole school feels like a really positive, friendly and kind place to be, full of Christmas spirit.  This has been enhanced by watching the brilliant nativity dress rehearsal on Wednesday, and performing our carols last night. 

Having said that, we have also been rising to the challenge in our lessons!  The focus this week in maths has been on ratio and proportion, which even included inventing a new game outside called 'Stuck in the Ratio' (a variation on playing Tig!).  We will also be taking our completion of our War Horse sequel chapters into next week - we are really proud of the stories we have drafted so far and look forward to creating masterpieces that Michael Morpurgo himself would be impressed by!

We have found a brilliant new website called 'Sporcle' which is chock-full of quizzes, please do have a go at home and find some really great ones we could play as a class!

Lastly I would just like to say a huge well done to everyone who has risen to the challenge with their spellings, we've seen a real improvement in scores over the last couple of weeks.  It has a substantial effect on confidence in writing when spelling is already fixed in the brain, so let's keep up this momentum... there will be a spelling test on the first day back after Christmas!!

Blog update 5th December 2018 


We are fully in the Christmas spirit in class 3 now, even singing Christmas songs on the coach back from swimming today!  While we're on the topic, do not forget your long sleeved PJ's for swimming...!

This Friday brings the Christmas Theatre trip to see 'The Worst Witch' at the Royal and Derngate in Daventry.  We're really looking forward to our annual expedition, it's always a great day out.  

Additionally, we're practising our carols as regularly as we can; some are more challenging than others - extra practise at home is always a good idea, as well as keeping up with spellings, times tables and creating those fantastic WWI themed poems that are due in on the 17th of December. 

Blog update 24th November 2018


First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have sent in and shown artefacts from the World Wars over the last couple of weeks.  This has really brought the topic to life for us all and we are very grateful!  All 'show and tell' artefacts are welcome over the next couple of weeks as we continue studying WW1 and class 2 study WW2.  


Next week we will be finalising our stories based on the short film 'The Piano'; these are already shaping up to be really beautiful pieces of work that the children will be very proud of when they are completed.  Our maths studies of area and perimeter will be developing into a real-life challenge, and we will be looking at the 'Pals Battalions' in topic.


Please do continue to use Mathletics at home, it is a fantastic resource for keeping those maths skills bubbling.  We need to ensure our times tables knowledge doesn't slip out of our heads: Multiverse is a particularly good resource for times tables; as are Mr Demaio's times tables songs on YouTube; and the Education City songs are pretty catchy too!


If you have any problems logging on to any of the sites we have bought access to, such as Spelling Shed, Mathletics, Education City or Purple Mash, please do shout and we will re-issue the logins.

Blog update 16 November 2018


This has been a very poignant and engaging week for the whole school as we have all engaged in learning about remembrance.  Class 3 will be able to take this learning deeper as we continue to study World War One for the rest of term.  

Our key text will be Michael Morpurgo's War Horse, and in preparation for studying the book we are watching the film today.  If anyone has a copy of the book War Horse at home, it would be greatly appreciated if they could bring it in as we don't have enough copies for all the class in school!  

We are very much looking forward to this afternoon's Remembrance Service where we will be able to reflect on our learning from the week, particularly about the gratitude we feel to those who came before us and fought for our freedoms.

Blog update 25 October 2018


After a long and productive half term, we're almost at the fortnight's holiday!  I have been incredibly proud of the efforts made by class 3 this term; I was pleased to see so many good quality projects on Monday, and I heard the assembly on Friday was great.  I was very sorry to miss it but I'm sure all the children did themselves proud!


We're concluding our topic on 'since Michael Rosen was a boy' this week and when we come back we're moving on to looking at World War One.  This is particularly poignant this year as it's the centenary of the end of the Great War.  We are very proud that our Head Boy and Girl will be laying a wreath on our behalf, before we begin our 'remembrance week' at school the first week back.


Just a quick reminder about our first week back: spelling test (week 8) will be on Monday!  Spelling Shed has relevant games online now; please help encourage your child to revise as many of the spellings are of a standard that many adults, let alone children, couldn't get right without practising.


Enjoy the break and we look forward to another engaging and exciting half term after the holiday!

Blog Update 10th October 2018 


It's been a busy week in class 3; we have creating our own poetry in the style of Michael Rosen, which we will use as part of a showcase of work when we write our own class assembly next week.  

We've also been continuing with our work on manipulating fractions, and we are now ready to move on to looking at some measures, particularly how we can convert 'old fashioned' imperial measures, (that were around when Michael Rosen was a boy) such as miles, into metric measures.


Parents evenings on Tuesday were very helpful and productive, and we look forward to the 'other half' tomorrow.  Many of the class are excited about their sleepovers and babysitters that their parents have arranged for the weekend while the parents enjoy the school ball!  The marquee going up today was very exciting.


A new reading challenge has been launched in class 3, called 'Hot Book Club'.  The first rule of Hot Book Club is you cannot talk about Hot Book Club.  The second rule of Hot Book Club is you can not talk about Hot Book Club.  The third rule is you must have read one of our Hot Books in order to be allowed to join the Hot Book Club.


This term's Hot Books have been chosen with the intention of challenging and inspiring children - everyone in class 3 is a very capable reader and we want to encourage them all to move away from the predictable choices.  If you want to borrow one of the Hot Books from the Library, the current choices are:

GoldFish Boy

Goodnight, Mr Tom

The Just So Stories

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

Blog update 28th September 2018


This week has had a couple of exciting events! Firstly, on Monday, the indoor athletics team spent the afternoon with us and put us through our paces in activities such as long jump and speed bounce. We will hopefully be able to join an athletics event when we can compete against other schools and show off our skills!


this afternoon we have had an excellent and challenging session, building periscopes.  The children were frustrated by the lack of adult instruction at first, but all rose to the challenge to create some excellent designs, using impressive team work!


Next week we are looking forward to writing our own performance poetry in the style of Michael Rosen, before we write our class assembly where we will have an opportunity to perform our compositions.


Blog update 13th September 2018 


We are really back in the swing of things in Class 3, the summer holidays feel like a long time ago!  Everyone is working really hard and making a great effort with the challenges posed by year 5 and 6, I am really impressed.


Today we discussed the homework project which is due in on 22 October.  This is an extended writing task and children are expected to draft and produce a neat final version of at least a page of writing.  Please see the 'homework projects and spellings' section for more details.  

We are passionate about giving children the space and time to engage with areas of our topic that really interest them, and this is a good example of this ambition.  With 5 weeks to complete this task we expect a very high standard of work and we look forward to reading and displaying these projects.

Blog update 7thSeptember 2018


Welcome back! We are very happy to be back, and delighted with how quickly the children have settled back into school. We have already had some fun, interesting and challenging learning experiences, such as place value and rounding games on the playground, and beginning to draft stories based on photographs from the 1950’s.

We will be using homework diaries frequently to aid home-school communication this year, please make sure yours is signed and checked every week.

Our first main focus of the school year is spellings – the relevant spelling lists are here on the class pages – to save trees we are not printing them out this year unless requested. Tests will be every Monday and with a good amount of effort over the weekend I’m sure everyone will be getting ten out of ten!

Blog update 13th July 


We are in the final stages of rehearsals for Shakespeare Rocks! The children have worked hard and have taken on advice well this week.  


Unfortunately, the effort in the play practice has not been replicated in homework projects.  I was incredibly disappointed to find today that only 6 of 27 children had completed both sections of the project as required, and none of these children were year 6.


I have made it very clear to the class that homework is not optional.  Not completing project work, when in secondary school, will result in serious consequences and a call or email from a parent on the day work is due in will not be accepted as an excuse for not completing all work to a good standard.


We had planned a very exciting entrepreneurial topic as well as a performance this term, with the expectation that children would take their learning outside the classroom seriously, so that we still meet the curriculum as well as have fun.  It will be a genuine shame if we have to scale back our projects in school as children are not taking responsibility for completing work set.

Blog update 6th July 2018


I am so exceptionally proud of class 3! All of the hard work behind the scenes paid off - making products, writing persuasive letters, advertising... our Farmers’ Market was a spectacular success and raised over £500 for the school!

Next week we will be writing thank you letters to the businesses who supported us, as well as rehearsing for Shakespeare Rocks! Summer term is as exciting and full-on as we expected!

Blog update 21st June


It seems like five minutes ago that our current year 6's started in class 3 - now we have been to our end of year 6 celebration treat already!  All 11 of our year 6's really enjoyed Matilda the Musical yesterday and were impeccably behaved, a real credit to the school, their families and themselves.

Tomorrow is our last class assembly of the school year - it promises to be a fun and interactive experience, we're really looking forward to performing!  We have been trying to balance these rehearsals with also rehearsing for Shakespeare Rocks, preparing for the Farmers' Market, beginning to prepare for the end of term assembly in church and (of course) 'normal' lessons.  Oh, and the year 5's have had their termly reading and maths assessments. It's been a hectic week!

Next week is forecast to be a scorcher - please can all children bring water bottles to school every day and apply suncream before school.  We do have a very warm classroom at the best of times - but will continue to incorporate outdoor learning into the curriculum.

Blog update 14 June


Well the weeks seem to be flying by now - the summer holidays will be here before we know it! Our week this week has been dominated by rehearsals - not only for our summer production, but also for next week’s class assembly. We’re planning a retro ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’ assembly for next week; yes, Mrs Jackson has had to show the class a YouTube clip so everyone knows what the programme is!


We’ve found the time still to continue creating texts for our Farmers’ Market, very successfully I might add! We have been blown away by the generosity of businesses such as B&Q and Homebase, who have offered products for us to grow, make and sell, in response to our persuasive letter writing. Great news! 

Blog update 8th June


After a lovely half term, we are back into school-mode and we are in full swing to prepare for our Farmers’ Market and summer production! We are creating lots of amazing products to sell, including elderflower cordial and bird feeders!

Our literacy and maths lessons are also focused on preparing for the Farmers’ Market; we have been looking at profit and pricing in maths, and creating letters and leaflets - as well as recipes - in literacy.


The fire service kindly visited class 3 today so we could learn about fire safety. We all have special forms to complete at home so we can become Fire Safety Champions and we need to return these to school.

Blog update 18th May 2018


We’ve had a great week - check the gallery for photos of today!

Blog update 14 May 2018


Day one of Sats - done!  All the year 6's thoroughly impressed Mr Emms and I with their mature and calm attitude this morning.  We know you're going to smash it, year 6's, and do yourselves really proud!  Just 3 more days to go, then we get to celebrate on Friday with our Planetarium outing!

Blog update 27thApril 2018


Today has been a very exciting day indeed in class 3! Not only did the class audition for their roles in ‘Shakespeare Rocks’, our huge summer production, but also Urban Strides came in to teach us street dance! What a massive day!


The year 6’s were given the options on the biggest parts in the play. We had lots of auditions, involving trying out different monologues, dialogues and songs. I was really impressed with the effort and bravery of everyone who stepped up to try out!


We will start rehearsals in a few weeks time, after SATS. The scripts are coming home now though so that we can get to grips with our lines as soon as possible, leaving lots of time to perfect our acting and singing!


Urban Strides has been huge amounts of fun but has involved vast amounts of concentration! Trying to get all the co-ordination and style together was way beyond Mrs Jackson’s skills but the children loved it!


SATS are now only a couple of weeks away so we are working really hard and pushing all the class to really give their best effort. We’re not sending home revision materials, but we do expect children to be using Mathletics and Education City, practise their new spellings (see the Spelling Shed sheets) and reading – as ever – at home. Mathletics points earn certificates and we’d love to see lots more of Class 3 up getting them in assembly!

Blog update 20thApril 2018


Summer term has begun with such lovely weather! Class 3 are very excited about all the fantastic plans we have in store for this term! The biggest news of the week is the arrival of the script for the summer production – we are going to perform a very funny play called ‘Shakespeare Rocks’.


We intend to walk through the script this afternoon so that all the year fives and sixes can decide for which parts they would like to audition. We have a range of roles, from rapping minstrels to Romeo and Juliet up for grabs so we will do our best to match the right child to the best character for them!


In literacy this week we have begun planning for another big event of this term – drafting formal letters to local businesses to invite them to our summer Farmers’ Market. We hope to entice a plethora of amazing local producers to make our event an extra-special afternoon!

Blog update 23 March 2018


We’re nearly at the end of the spring term, and what a busy term it’s been! Last week we had a brilliant craft day with Mr Jackson; building our own Victorian-style mechanical toys was a challenge but so much fun. If you haven’t seen the pictures on the website, please check them out!


We were immensely proud of our footballers, both boys and girl, who have represented the school recently. We’re also delighted for our archers today, who won a competition at Warwick School. The teams who have represented us were fantastic – Mr Emms was really impressed with the standard of sport and behaviour of the teams.


The year 5’s had an opportunity yesterday to take part in a church event called ‘Easter Cracked’. They came back absolutely buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm about what they’d learned and the activities that the church had provided. We’re very grateful to the Bridges Group for organising.


In ‘ordinary’ lessons, we’ve completed some fantastic journals based on a short film called ‘Girl and Robot’, and now we have moved on to writing our own ghost stories based on a short story called ‘The Photo Album’. Maths has been all about geometry – all of class 3 are now adept at manipulating a protractor! We will be problem solving in maths between now and the end of term.

Blog update 10 March 2018


What a busy couple of weeks in class 3! The highlight for many will have been the Blocky Bots afternoon, which was a fantastic opportunity for the whole class to use, and improve on, their coding skills. Check out the pictures in the gallery if you haven’t already!


The boys played in a football tournament on Wednesday, which they also really enjoyed. Mr Emms was really impressed with how well we performed for such a small school!


As ever we are working very hard in class to make great progress in our academic studies; Primary School is not only about the ‘3 R’s’ though and the wide range of activities that we have arranged this term is testament to that fact.


Looking forward, we have many of exciting events and opportunities for Class 3 over between now and the end of term. Firstly, the girls are playing football on Wednesday. Also Mr Jackson is coming in to run a craft day on Friday, where the class will be making their own mechanical toys, as part of our ‘steaming ahead’ topic. These craft days are always utterly splendid! We look forward to being able to apply our understanding of the achievements of the industrial age to our very own mechanical designs. We also have an archery competition, ‘Easter Cracked’ at the church, and a visit from the Fire Brigade!


Blog Update 16 February 2018


The half term holiday is upon us already! We had a fantastic debate today to conclude our evolution studies and demonstrate our mastery of the topic. We split into two teams and debated whether humans are apes… or have evolved past that into something else? The overall conclusion of the debate was that most of us felt that humans are apes, who have evolved big brain that give us the evolutionary advantages we all have. It was very well organised and delivered, with courtesy and respect. Well done, class 3!


We are looking forward to the new half term, after the holiday. It’s a short one, just less than 5 weeks! Our topic will be ‘Steaming Ahead’ where we will be investigating the effects of the industrial revolution during the Victorian era.

Class blog 9th February 2018


Today we have been showing off our fantastic projects on evolution – class 3 have worked really hard on investigating the animals that interest them and we have been impressed with their efforts! We hope to be able to display as many of them as possible around school!


Next week the culmination of our investigations into evolution will be to debate whether humans are apes…. or something else? We will be concluding our evolution science studies next week by finalising our fact files on Great Apes (Bonobos, Chimpanzees, Orang-Utans and Gorillas) as well as finessing our own stories based on Anthony Browne’s book Gorilla.


In maths we have moved from geometry back to number, and we really enjoyed using number squares to identify all the prime numbers – we’ve even been investigating the prime numbers up to 400, using Eratosthenes’ Sieve (not an easy word to say..!)

Blog update 2 February 2018


Just two more weeks left before we’re half-way though the school year… where has the time gone? The weather is starting to improve and the daylight hours are increasing; before long we will be planning ahead to our summer term topic of ‘stall holders’ and starting to plant some seeds for different plants we want to grow and sell. Summer will be with us before we know it!


We’re also planning ahead towards the year 6 SATs in early May. The children are working on producing some top-quality stories; we’ve been planning them this week and will be drafting, re-drafting and finalising them next week. We hope to include them in the portfolio of year 6 writing that will be assessed and moderated for the writing aspect of the SATs – we’re confident we’ll all be able to create some work we’re very proud of!


In maths this week we’ve continued to look at geometry, and have made some work for display in class. Mrs Jackson will be picking the best representations of 3D shapes to put on display in our maths corner. We’re also looking at improving our understanding of angles and how to use a protractor accurately… not an easy skill to grasp, but we’re persevering!

Blog update 29th January 2018


The big event of the week last week was our class 3 assembly! As ever we were all a little nervous, but all were brilliant at delivering our lines and teaching the rest of the school and parents all about being healthy. Class 3 are on a mission this year to understand and improve our healthiness, be it through what we eat, staying active or taking care of our mental health. We will be launching our surveys this week for parents and children to complete, which will help us understand where we are doing well as a healthy school and where we can improve. Keep a lookout on the website for the Survey Monkey link!


Next week sees us move on from writing our balanced arguments in literacy to looking at Anthony Browne’s book ‘Gorilla’. We will be able to compare and contrast his writing from ‘Little Beauty’ to try and build a better understanding of his style of writing, before we magpie some ideas to create our own fictional stories about the friendship between a person and an animal.


We are also researching more about one of the Great Ape family – Gorilla, Bonobo, Chimpanzee or Orang-Utan. This will form the basis for a fact file on this ape as part of our scientific studies. We will become expert research scientists and be able to share our knowledge in a scientific forum in class!

Blog update 21 January 2018


What a memorable week some of class 3 have had! Young Voices on 12 January was an utterly amazing experience for all 14 children and 2 adults who attended. We found the whole event so incredible that next year we want to take the whole class! During the afternoon we rehearsed all the songs and dances with the rest of the 6,000 strong choir, and then at 7pm it was showtime, which was 2 hours of pure excitement and joy! We were really lucky that our parents had great seats; their view of their children was very clear (unfortunately they also had to witness Mr Emms and Mrs Jackson dancing like crazy people!).


Back in the classroom, the children have been very hard at work learning lots about evolution in science and in topic. They made their very own ‘genetic traits’ crosses using Little Miss and Mr Men – for example If Mr Messy and Little Miss Scatterbrain had a baby boy together, perhaps it would be Mr Messybrain!


Our literacy work on Anthony Browne’s book Little Beauty culminated with some excellent news reports, recorded on the school iPads. Unfortunately, the files are too big to upload onto the website. We have uploaded some excellent maths and PE activities onto the gallery though: more moments to be proud of that have been recorded for posterity!


Next week will be looking at circles (radius, circumference and diameter) in maths; literacy will see us forming arguments about whether it is crucial or cruel to keep apes in a zoo. We expect some strong opinions to be voiced!

Blog update 11th January 2018


All the pupils are buzzing with excitement for the year ahead. The next big event in our school calendar is our Young Voices performance. Fourteen children from Class 3 will be going to the Genting Arena in Birmingham with six thousand other children to be part of the world’s biggest choir!


We have been practicing for months to learn all the words for a two-hour concert. It will be amazing! Meanwhile Mrs Loftus is looking forward to a smaller class to teach tomorrow whilst Mr Emms and Mrs Jackson are out – those children will no doubt enjoy being a more ‘exclusive’ band of year 5/6’s at the top of the school for the day!


We are also really excited about the new after-school clubs that are beginning this term. On Mondays we will be able to join in with a ‘Mad Science’ club, and on Fridays we have the chance to learn archery! Watch out for flying arrows!


We are already really getting our (highly evolved) teeth into our new topic this term – Evolution! We have looked at the difference between evolution and breeding plants and animals, and we are linking our literacy into the topic by reading ‘Beetle Boy’ by MJ Leonard and ‘Little Beauty’ by Anthony Browne this week. Our investigations will focus on how humans have evolved from apes and we are beginning to form arguments on both sides of the debate about whether humans are apes… or have evolved into something else?

Class 3 blog update 21st December 2017


We’ve come to the end of a very exciting term, having had an excellent week of learning. Our maths grid work has dovetailed with our Mona Lisa grid work in art; we have become experts in co-ordinates, translating, reflecting and rotating all manner of shapes into all four quadrants.


In literacy we have finished comparing two Shakespeare plays, The Merchant of Venice and As You Like It. We’ve even found time to study the lyrics to ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ and to have a go at composing our own Christmas songs – Mrs Jackson is hoping for a 10% cut of any future royalties when the songs go to Number 1!


We look forward to a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday – no optional homework is being set over the holidays, but children are all encouraged to use Mathletics, Education City, and to revise their spellings from the whole of the Autumn term in preparation for a test of a range of words learned on our return to school.


The week back will see some of Class 3 heading off to the Genting Arena to perform at the Young Voices concert. I’m not sure who’s most excited… but I think it’s Mr Emms!

Well it’s been a true winter wonderland at school this week - for the days we could get here, at least! The Christmas carol service on Thursday night was a magical and special experience, one we will remember for years to come.

We shared our projects today; it was fantastic to see how varied and imaginative they were... see the gallery for all the glorious pictures and below for links! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U6SKpxRZjnsorfxMdATvkATEfyHaq6Xz/view?ts=5a33c8ce


Class 3 blog update 8th December 2017


The sound of Christmas Carols seems to be a constant feature of life at The Priors School this week. We are really looking forward to our concert next Thursday, we’re even hoping for snow to make it a truly magical Christmas experience!


This afternoon in class we had a brilliant time trying different fruit and vegetables. We were all very adventurous and tasted things we weren’t sure that we liked, discovering new flavours and potentially new favourite foods – check our gallery for some great photos!


As part of our learning about all things healthy we have also undertaken some investigations into exercise and pulse rate, creating some fantastic tables and graphs of our data. We discovered that taking your pulse accurately is really tricky!


Blog update 1 December 2017




Next Friday (8th) we have decided to make it 'Fruit and Veg Friday' as part of our Healthy Schools award and Science studies.  We've all decided on a fruit or vegetable each to bring in and share with our group - only about enough for approx. 6 people to taste is needed, e.g. 1 apple! 


So the school is starting to look a little bit Christmassy! We’re hurtling towards the end of 2017, in just a few months time our year 6’s will be preparing to move onto Secondary School; it won’t be long either until the year 5’s are in a similar position. They’re all growing up very fast! We will do our best in school to ease this transition, and therefore we are beginning to increase our expectations in terms of behaviour and standards of work. Homework diaries may well contain more information so please ensure that parents are signing every week.


Bearing this in mind, in all areas of the curriculum we are setting higher expectations of accuracy and self-editing. Children need to be able to demonstrate how they are checking each answer, and each paragraph written, to ensure they are as precise as possible. Not even Shakespeare, who’s plays we are studying in Guided Reading, produced perfect first drafts, and I’m sure Einstein had to check his maths carefully to make sure he was getting the answers absolutely accurate!


We’re producing some excellent work in science as well; our studies of healthy living and how the human body works are resulting in some really interesting and insightful questions.

Blog update 24 November 2017


Class three are really getting to grips with the human body and the systems that allow it to function! We have studied the circulatory system and the digestive system so far this term and we will be looking more in science and in PSHE about healthy eating, healthy living, and how we can ensure that we are taking care of ourselves. This all links in well with our aim to become a ‘Healthy School’ this year, gain a ‘Food for Life’ award, and embedding the Protective Behaviours curriculum.


Next week we will be innovating our own biographies about a hero of the Renaissance era, so over the weekend children will need to research the individual they are going to write about. Please do encourage your child to undertake the research; it will enable them to spend more time in class writing a quality biography. They will know whom they are writing about!


We have had a very interesting time learning about converting metric and imperial measures this week in maths. We’ve talked about pounds and kilos, miles and kilometres, inches and centimetres. It would be lovely to hear about where children have seen real-life examples of different units of measurement at the weekend! We’ve also been looking at rounding numbers and there are worksheets in the optional homework section to practise. We would love to hand out some Mathletics certificates next week in assembly too, so get playing!

Blog update 20th November 2017


We had a brilliant time performing our assembly on Friday, answering the big question of last term – what did the Romans ever do for us? We really enjoyed showcasing our learning and explaining our understanding of Roman Technologies in particular!


We have been studying biographies in literacy, and we will be imitating our own this coming week about Copernicus before we innovate a biography on a Renaissance hero.


Maths has been all about measuring – we’ll be investigating some conversions between metric and imperial this week, undertaking even more outdoor practical activities as well as some desk based learning. As ever, please do encourage your children to look at the related topics on Mathletics to support their learning at home.

Blog update 11 November 2017


Our first week back after half term has been all about the Renaissance – our new topic for the half term. We will be learning about the explosion of learning and culture that took place beginning in the 15th century, and investigating how this movement led from the middle ages to the modern age.


Over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be immersing ourselves in the features of a biography, with the aim to research and complete our own biographies of a hero of the Renaissance period. We will then be able to share our knowledge with our classmates as the resident experts in that particular person. This will then give us all a rounded understanding of some of the key individuals, and their achievements.


In science we will be studying animals including humans, particularly the systems of the body. This links nicely with the advances in the understanding of anatomy that occurred during the Renaissance!


This week and next week in maths we are focusing on metric measures – we have been developing our understanding of converting milli- centi- and kilo- measures to and from metres, grams and litres. We will undertake more practical estimation activities on Tuesday before consolidating our conversion skills and applying them to problem solving activities.


As it is our class assembly on Friday, please actively encourage your child to learn their lines and the lyrics to ‘Like a Roman’. We would like costumes in on Tuesday, either a sheet and belt to use as a toga, or black clothing to be an activist. Everyone should know which role they are playing, but any questions, please do ask!

Blog update 20th October 2017

What an exciting week we’ve had to end the half term! Our Roman Road project was slightly more consuming than Mrs Jackson had realised; thankfully Mr Jackson was on hand to lend his crafting skills! He kindly volunteered his services on Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning to help us complete the project to an exceptionally high standard – see the gallery for the latest updates! Thank you Mr Jackson!


After half term we will be beginning a new topic – the Renaissance. This is a huge and fantastically exciting area of study so we look forward to immersing ourselves fully in all areas that bridge the Middle Ages to modern history!


Children who did not finish reading The Thieves of Ostia by yesterday will need to finish reading it, and write a book review over the holiday. This needs to be handed in on the first day back. Please check your child’s bag for their book and ensure they complete their homework if need be – those children who had read their book by the deadline were able to complete their book review in class and so there is no compulsory homework for the holiday!


Lastly, our class assembly (on what the Romans did for us) will be the second Friday back after half term. Children should know what part they are playing and have their script to practice over half term, please do encourage them to learn their words while we are on our half term break.

Blog update 12th October 2017


We’re coming to the culmination of our half-term long investigation into ‘what did the Romans ever do for us?’ including beginning to write our own versions of the famous Monty Python sketch.

We’re all very excited about our mosaics (see the gallery) and we have been working hard this week on planning our Roman Road project – real life skills will be employed on Tuesday when we are digging, laying and cementing in our very own Roman Road! Our craft day teacher, Mr Jackson, has kindly agreed to come and lend Mrs Jackson a hand for the day, so we’re sure it will be splendid!


Class 3 have made real progress in understanding of division techniques as well as improper fractions and mixed numbers this week. Next week we will be looking at calculations involving fractions and mixed numbers, so the optional maths sheets this week are there to help embed understanding of converting mixed numbers and fractions for anyone who feels they need more practise.

Blog update 6th October 2017


Exciting times in class 3 this week – we have begun planning our Roman Road, which we hope to build before the end of term. The class have been planning how the road should be built, and from what materials, to make it look authentic. Next week we will be working out quantities and costings of materials, and writing persuasively to local builders’ merchants to ask if they would be willing to support the school with supply of materials.


Persuasive writing will not be the only application of our learning. Our mathematical skills will be applied in a very practical way in this project; we have been brushing up on our division skills, which will help us organise materials and labour, and we will utilise our knowledge of scaling and measure.


Watch this space for more updates, including in the gallery!


During our division lessons it became apparent that some children, who may have been confident in their times tables in the past, have lost their rapid recall of related division facts. Therefore the optional homework for the next week is are some multiplication and division challenge sheets. Children are encouraged to try these over the next few days and report back their scores to class; they can then keep track of their own scores and repeat the test regularly to make progress in their recall.

Blog Update 29th September


This week we had a fabulous day out at Wroxeter Roman fort. We’re now using the experience as inspiration for our own Roman mysteries in literacy! To help with ideas, children need to read up to at least page 80 of the Thieves of Ostia by Tuesday.


We’ve challenged ourselves in maths this week, investigating decimals and fractions. For optional maths homework this week children are positively encouraged to play on Mathletics this weekend, on fractions, decimals and percentages to consolidate their learning. We hope to see the whole class up in assembly next Friday collecting their Mathletics certificates!


We are trialling a new handwriting scheme called LetterJoin. Spellings will remain the same but additional handwriting sheets with the spellings on have been added to the spellings section of the website, so children can practice their handwriting at home.

Blog update 22 September


This week we have been imitating a mystery in literacy, with some really excellent stories being formed! We’re moving on next week to be able to take all we have learned about creating a great mystery to innovate our own stories. We’re also writing poetry to enter into the Southam Lions annual competition; children will need to finesse their own creations over the weekend at home. We’ve had spectacular success in the past in this competition and therefore would appreciate your support in helping your child create their unique poetry so we can continue our winning streak!


In art, Mrs Jones has been working with class 3 to create some really special mosaics. They are now beginning to take shape and we hope to display them in school by half term, as well as enter our designs into the annual John Turner art festival in Southam. Please keep an eye on the gallery section of the website for a sneak preview of the creations!


Blog update 15th September


We’ve had a successful week in literacy in class 3, embedding our understanding of the mystery genre. Next week we are looking forward to imitating the style and innovating our own Roman mysteries – so it’s important that everyone is reading the Thieves of Ostia at home to help immersion into the theme!


Maths has been all about decimals this week – comparing, ordering, rounding and explaining our reasoning. Today, and next week, we will be ‘having a go’ at some SATs-style questions with a view to being able to focus our teaching on the areas where each child needs the most input.


All teachers received some excellent training on Education City this week, so expect to hear much more about how we are using this programme as a learning tool, and please do spend time playing on the website outside of school. The times tables songs, for example, are really catchy and can so will help children who struggle with more traditional learning methods to learn them off by heart!


Lastly we launched the Young Voices after school club this week. We are very excited about the opportunity, come January, for some of our year 5/6’s to be able to sing with 5000 other children at the Genting Arena in Birmingham. Please do ask if you would like more information about this event!

Blog update 7 September 2017


In literacy we have begun by comparing openings of stories with others and identifying themes in texts, which is something we will return to as we read more genres later in the year (so nobody has three ticks on Learning Ladders for these objectives yet!).

We are now moving on to internalising and analysing a mystery story, so we can become experts in this genre!


In swimming, we have split into three groups:

  • The first group have some good swimming techniques, and are focusing on stamina and confidence to further improve.
  • The second group are finessing their good techniques so that they can clearly demonstrate they are able to meet the standards across all areas of the swimming national curriculum.
  • The third group can already meet the standards in the national curriculum and therefore will be working on survival skills and water-based games.


Your child will have been told which group they are in and their own targets, but please do ask if you would like any further information.