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2019/2020 Blogs

Blog Update 27th April 2020


Well done with persevering though lockdown everyone!  I am so proud of you all.  Please do have a look at the Space Encyclopedia on the class pages below, it is AWESOME!  It's great to be able to share your work even though we aren't together.

22nd March 2020


Well.... it's Sunday afternoon and we won't be in the classroom tomorrow.  :-(

Please be assured everyone that we will be back together, Year 6's we will arrange Leavers' events if it comes to it that we don't make it back into school before the end of the Summer Term.  We remain hopeful that we will be able to come back into School and return to normal in this school year and are working on that basis for now.


Tomorrow morning, by 9am, I will be sending you my first remote learning email!  Every day I hope we will all be able to join in with Joe Wicks' 9AM PE lesson on YouTube.  A link is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6r99N3kXME 


I will be issuing an example timetable for your school days with my first email in the morning, which may help you schedule you days.  It is advice, not a rigid expectation!


Please do email me on class3@thepriorsschool.co.uk if you have any questions or concerns.  

Stay safe... and wash your hands!


Blog update 28th February 2020


We are pleased to be back in the rhythms of school life as the days get longer and warmer (although a break in the rain would be nice!).  This term we are immersing ourselves in the topic of Evolution - looking at inheritance, the development of life on Earth, and how we are related to the other Great Apes.  We are using some quality texts from Anthony Browne to assist us on our journey of discovery, and we will be creating some artistic masterpieces in art using his illustration techniques.

Blog Update 6th February 2020


We are half way through the school year!  The first spring flowers are starting to bloom and we are looking forward to so many things as the year 6's start a long list of 'last' times at Primary School.  The first of these was the last class assembly, which was a big success on Friday.  We are very proud of how hard the children worked and we are already excited about the forthcoming summer production, so many excellent acting skills to showcase!

Next week we will be looking at our homework projects on Monday, which is always an enjoyable and informative event as the children show and tell their home learning.  We will be also writing some persuasive texts which help consolidate our learning about the industrial revolution - deciding which invention of the age was the most important, and justifying our reasoning.  We move on to studying Evolution as our topic after the holidays!

Blog Update 27th January 2020


Well January appears to be the longest month ever, but we are powering on through!  We are really excited about this Friday's assembly, when we will be acting out Dickens' Christmas Carol to the school and our loved ones.  We are reading Mr Murrell's story called 'The Christmas Journey' as our class text this week and we are comparing his Victorian-themed story with the Dickens classic, as well as 'The Photo Album' which is our literacy text inspiration for story-writing.


In maths, Mrs Jackson is taking small groups of year 6's out in assembly times to help get some more calculations practise in.  All year 6's will be doing this at some point, on a relatively regular basis.  If you would like your child to get a little extra practise in at home, there are worksheets available on the 'optional homework' section, as well as Times Tables Rock Stars and Education City games online.

Blog update 21st January 2020


Well many of us are feeling a little tired today after an awesome night at Young Voices yesterday!  We were able to take 22 of the class along for an excellent experience, dancing and singing with 6000 other schools.  We had a wonderful time and the children were all beautifully behaved, a real credit to themselves, their families and the school.  My thoughts are already now beginning to turn to the summer production, we have so many talented performers in class 3!  


On the subject of performance, we began practising in earnest this morning for next Friday's class assembly.  We will be acting out A Christmas Carol, as we study Dickens in literacy.  This is all linked to 'Steaming Ahead' as we investigate the social changes that took place during the industrial revolution.  This is also being borne out in our art lessons, where we are going to be looking at some famous art from the industrial revolution era, such as Turner and Lowry.

Blog update 6th January 2020:

welcome back to a new decade! We are all rested and raring to go. Our topic this half term is ‘steaming ahead’. We are investigating the industrial revolution, and learning about the Victorian age from a range of perspectives.  Our first text in literacy is a diary entry based on ‘Girl and Robot’, a short film.

On Thursday we will be gathering in our book bingo projects!  We will be creating book reviews next week in guided reading based on this homework so this needs to be completed ASAP.

Blog update 6th December 2019


We have been really busy learning about measurements in class 3, particularly converting metric measurements such as grams and kilograms, and litres and millilitres.  We've also been investigating converting imperial and metric measures.  


Therefore Mrs Jackson decrees that all of class 3 should be practising at home... by cooking!  Get busy, bake some cakes, make biscuits or treats such as fudge to give to family as Christmas presents, cook dinner... anything that involves using those fantastic weighing, measuring and converting skills that we have been learning about in class.  Good luck!!

Blog Update 2nd December 2019


What a fabulous half term we are having in class 3!  We are very busy learning about The Renaissance... as well as practising our Christmas songs, learning about measurements in maths, learning about how the human body works in science... lots of great fun and learning to be had!


Mrs Hugo has been with us for a couple of weeks now and is a wonderful asset to our class.  All children will be working with Mrs Hugo in small groups at one point or another to enhance their progress.


Next week we are off to the theatre to see Pippi Longstocking, which we are also very excited about.  The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of excitement!

Blog update 24th October 2019


It's almost the end of a long and busy half term.  We have really loved learning about the Romans and we're excited about moving on to learn about another wave of huge change and invention in Europe, as our next topic is the Renaissance.


Compulsory homework for the half term holiday for everyone in class 3: relax, recharge and read a good book!

Blog update 15th October 2019


Right now my ears are still ringing with the dulcet tones of class 3 singing the Queen medley that they have been practising for Young Voices - it is going to be such a wonderful day and evening!  Please do make sure you have your ticket requests in if you would like your parents to come along, as it is an experience not to be missed! 


This week is all about rehearsing for our class assembly on Friday.  Not only Boudicca but also a great swathe of the Roman Army will all be dramatising their own demise: another unmissable event in the Class 3 calendar!


Next week is our last week of the half term and we will be completing our amazing Roman Draco technology projects... we are hoping to decorate the ceiling of the classroom and keep all the Barbarians at bay!

Blog update 4th October 2019


Another busy and memorable week in class 3.  On Monday most of the Y6's took part in the first bike right course (part two this coming Monday).  All the children who took part found it really useful!

Tuesday was a very special day - we made a really fantastic mosaic with the help of Andrew, the visiting artist.  See the gallery for pictures!  It's wonderful to think that this art installation may be still be here, pride of place in the entrance lobby, when Class 3's grandchildren are working their way through Primary School!

In maths we have been applying our understanding of pure maths (specifically division) to real life situations.  This has been a challenge but everyone has really worked hard to grasp the techniques to be successful.  We will be continuing to link fractions to division and to real-life mathematical challenges next week.

In addition, we will begin to rehearse for our class assembly next week!  We look forward to showcasing our acting talents (as well as our understanding of what the Romans have done for us) on 18th October.

Blog update 27 September 2019


In literacy, this has been poetry week!  We have been busy making our own poems about Romans, ready for submission to the Southam Lions poetry competition.  Wish us luck!

Next week we will be moving on to making interesting fact sheets about Roman characters.

We also have an incredibly exciting Tuesday planned as we have a mosaic artist coming in to work with the class.  Our ambition is to create a fantastic mosaic of our own design to display in the new school lobby (which is due to be built in the half term).

Year 6's are also anticipating their Bike Right course on Monday, good luck everyone taking part!

Blog update 19th September 2019


Three weeks in and we are really enjoying learning in class 3.  We have been writing our own Roman mysteries, as well as reading the Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence (from her Roman Mysteries series), for inspiration.  Our mission is to work on being able to edit and improve our work, including using more advanced vocabulary and sentence types to make our writing more interesting.

As our compositions lengthen, we are sometimes working on the computer in literacy.   To this end, some children may really benefit from playing the typing games on Purple Mash (logins in homework diaries) to improve their typing speed.  A definite advantage in modern society!

Blog update 13th September 2019


We are all settled into our new school routines, although we have already had lots of changes to the run-of-the-mill timetable, such as our trip to Chedworth Roman Villa last Monday, and the Sports Hall Athletics session on Wednesday.  All great learning opportunities outside of the classroom!


Looking forward, we have Harvest Festival on Monday, before we begin a science investigation into how Romans would have preserved food, and the different methods available to them before the fridge-freezer was invented.  We also have an opportunity to enter a very exciting writing competition as a home learning project, see the 'optional homework' tab for more details!

Blog Update 5th September 2019


Welcome to a brand new year in Class 3!  We have so many exciting events lined up, not least of which is our school trip to Chedworth Roman Villa on Monday (9th), to kick off our half-term's topic on 'What did the Romans ever do for us?'.


As we begin a new year, now is a good time to set our our expectations for homework.  We subscribe to Mathletics, Purple Mash and Spelling Shed.  We do not believe in homework feeling like death by a thousand worksheets, instead every term there is a large project to complete, where there are a number of choices, and children should take the opportunity to really engage in a directed area of learning that they want to find out more about.  See the 'homework projects' section on this class page for information on this half-term's project.


Spelling tests are on Mondays and all spellings are on the website - we will begin at week one (although as we are on a trip on Monday, our first spelling test will be Tuesday 10th September!).  Spelling Shed will have the correct spellings to match the week as games to practise on.


We expect everyone to read for at least 20 minutes a night and to record reading in their homework diaries.  I will sign homework diaries on Wednesdays and so also ask for them to be signed weekly by parents to show they have been checked and reading has been recorded.


If you have any questions please do pop in, catch us on the playground or email school, we are very happy to help in any way we can!