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Water and air resistance investigations!

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We had a brilliant session in PSHE, learning about bullying and making the right choices

Joe Wicks PE - how are you getting on?!

Investigation into electrical circuits

Thank you Tom from Atomicscience.org for an incredible science lesson!

Amazing eco club assembly!

Salt dough messy fun!

Roman project show and tell!

Marvellous mosaic!

Our mosaic is taking shape... photo deliberately obscuring the design to allow a big reveal!

Investigation into food preservation in Roman times. Learning about variables!

Healthy eating breakfast cookery!

Clay creations with Mrs Jones

Some amazing WWI poetry homework projects!


Post-production rounders!

Our fabulous Farmers’ Market!

Great collaboration in our new class - transition day is off to a super start!

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Volume and capacity challenges

Fire Safety Visit

Rehearsals underway for Shakespeare Rocks...

Post-SATs party!

Solar system construction part two!

Constructing the solar system... part one!

Urban Strides!

Our ‘Steaming Ahead’ projects!

One of our favourite days of the school year - Craft Day!

Blocky Bots Day

Blocky Bots Robotics Workshop

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What an amazing day!

Mastery of evolution: debating whether humans are apes... or something else?

Evolution projects!

Role playing In PSHE

Counter-balancing in PE!

Scale drawing the area of the school building!

Renaissance gallery!

Fruit and Veg Friday!

Describing digestion!

Estimating and measuring volume and capacity!

We're very proud of our Roman Road!