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Summer 1

Week 1


We've had a great week in Class 2.

We kicked off our summer term with our brand new topic "Intrepid Explorer".


Over the week, an explorer (named Intrepid), has sent us postcards from his travels which have been full of interesting information and awesome activities linked to our Science, Geography, Literacy and Maths learning!


Thanks to Intrepid, so far we have...

  • Identified parts of a flowering plant.
  • Researched Borneo and compared it to the UK.
  • Explored the impacts of climate change & the importance of caring for our planet.
  • Monitored the temperature around our school, local area & world!


Week 2

We've had yet another busy week in Class 2!


We continued our topic of "Intrepid Explorer" and focused the majority of our learning on the environment and impacts of climate change.


In our lessons, we researched Amelia Earhart and air travel. We looked at modes of aircraft from past and present and discussed the benefits and disadvantages of these.

We even managed to track some flights that were passing over our school on their way to Birmingham airport!


In Literacy, we finished writing our persuasive letters to encourage the school community to reduce, reuse and recycle.

There were some fantastic, emotive and extremely persuasive letters produced and everyone did an excellent job with including so many key details, facts and figures!