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Week Eight - 21.10.19

We've made it to the last week of a very long half term! It's been a busy eight weeks and we have all earned our two weeks off!


Our topic after half term is The Victorians, moving onto A Victorian Christmas as we get closer to the end of the term. We will be focusing on what life was like for children in Victorian Britain and then on how the Victorian's shaped our modern Christmas traditions.


If you want to support your child's learning for this topic during half term, there are lots of places to visit or books to read!


Blists Hill Victorian Town - Ironbridge

The Black Country Museum

The Back to Backs - Birmingham

Oxford Prison (parts of the tour are about Victorian child prisoners! If you mention you are interested in this to the tour guide it means they can personalise the tour)

Warwick Castle ( The Royal Weekend Party section)



Horrible Histories - The Vile Victorians, The Villainous Victorians, 

The Secret Diary of Jane Pinny - Victorian House Maid

Berlie Doherty - Street Child