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Week Four - 21.9.20

We've been looking and thinking carefully about our recycling habits this week in school; learning about WHY we need to recycle, WHAT we can recycle and HOW we can do it.
Class 2 have read a book called 'A Place for Plastic' which highlights how easy it is for plastic which is sent to landfill to end up in the ocean, and how that can cause endless problems for aquatic wildlife. We have talked a lot about the importance of recycling and discussed how we can make a difference and help our planet. We have also watched some interesting videos about how our rubbish recycled - we learnt that cardboard is mixed with hot water to make 'paper soup' so it can be turned into new paper, and that plastic is shredded and melted to make new plastic!


We've been busy doing some assessments this week to help our teachers work out 'where we are' after our time off school. We've all worked really hard and should be really proud of how well we've done. These assessments will be followed up by the regular Autumn term assessments we always do towards the end of term so we can monitor progress closely as always.