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Week Four - 27.1.20

We are already at week four in our Spring term! It's flying by and we are still really enjoying learning about Antarctica; especially now we are learning about Ernest Shackleton's Endurance mission in 1914! The children have created art work depicting the different stages of the doomed mission, and are in the middle of writing newspaper articles from 1916 when they returned home after two years at sea!


We have moved onto to multiplication methods in maths, including TU x U, HTU x U and TU x TU  (eg: 32 x 6, 456 x 7 and 23 x 45).

The children are using short and long multiplication to solve these and are using lots of times tables knowledge to help them along the way!


Our class assembly is next friday morning. Your child will be coming home with their script tomorrow (Friday 31st) and we will be spending lots of time rehearsing next week ready for our performance. 

Any costume requests will be sent home ASAP and need to be in by Wednesday/Thursday next week - please do not feel you need to purchase anything especially, anything you can cobble together from items at home is always fine!