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Week Four - 30.11.20

Christmas has well and truly arrived in Class 2! We've decorated our class Christmas tree, made snowflakes for the window, added the finishing touches to our carol performance, listened to Christmas music and started getting excited for all the wonderful Christmassy activities we have planned over the next two weeks!


Amazingly, we've had time for lots of learning too! In maths, we've been looking at doubling and halving 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers, plus decimal tenths and hundredths. In literacy we have been writing newspaper reports on one of the worst Blitz attacks London experienced. We have also learnt the Lambeth Walk in our WW2 dance lesson (in previous weeks we have perfected the Charleston and the Lindy Hop!)


Important information for the next two weeks:
- Christmas cards can come in next week (for Class 2 pupils only, unfortunately) and we will quarantine them until Monday 14th before we hand them out.

- The Wizard of Oz theatre production is at 10.30 on Tuesday 8th; if you haven't yet paid for your child's ticket then please head onto Parent Pay and check your account.

- Next Wednesday we will be recording our carols for the Christmas video, please ensure your child arrives in full uniform (they can wear hoodies etc....for the cold but if they have their normal school jumper with them that would be great) and has a woolly hat and scarf with them too. (This is normally a PE day but they won't need to bring PE kit today)

- Don't forget to visit Mrs. Hookey for a drop off in the pub car park next week!

- Tuesday 15th January - Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch day