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Week One - 7.6.21

We have had a lovely sunny week back after half term in Class 2 - we have been learning about using perspective in our drawing while sitting under the shade on the field, and had an extra PE lesson because Class 3 are at Whitemoor Lakes and we didn't want the slot to go to waste! It's been a lot of fun!


In maths we have been revising converting kg to g, and km to m. We looked carefully at place value and used place value grids to multiply and divide to help us get our answers.


In literacy we have been working on character development in our writing using the 'show don't tell' method; showing your reader through the character's actions, body language and facial expressions how they are feeling, not by simply saying, 'they are feeling shocked.'

We have also been revising using higher level conjunctions this week and have included them in some longer writing to show how well we can use them.


Our topic this half term (in between play rehearsals with Class 3!) is Great Women in History. We have already learnt about Florence Nightingale and the Suffragettes, and we will be moving onto lessons about Katharine Johnson, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie and many others.