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Week One - 8.11.21

Welcome back to the second part of the Autumn term!

Our new topic is 'Are you a Victorian?' and we will be learning about what life was like for a Victorian child and then moving onto a Victorian Christmas. This is one of my favourite topics and I'm sure the children will love it too!


We have started this half term off with short division (bus stop method) in maths. This can be tricky but all the children have been working really hard and have done brilliantly so far. We will keep working on this topic with those that require it, and will also come back to it later on in the year to ensure full understanding.


In literacy we have had a week of grammar work! We have learnt about the prefixes mis, un, dis, auto, anti and super and how they change the root words that they are added too. Next week we will be back to writing extended pieces; linked to our Victorian topic.