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Week Seven - 14.10.19

This week in Class 2 we have been learning about the most dangerous volcanoes in the world! We have been looking at The Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean and the tectonic plates which surround it. The children have been writing about some of the most dangerous volcanoes and have located them on a map of the world.


We have been working on decimals in maths; looking at decimals tenths (decimals to 1 dp) and rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. We will be moving on decimal hundredths next (decimals to 2dp).


This week in literacy, the children have had the chance to do a 'Free Write'; which is where they get to write about whatever they want! This is in response to the Pupil SEF where the children said they would like more opportunity to have a choice about what they write - I can't wait to mark them this afternoon and see what they have come up with!