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Week Three - 20.1.20

We have been super busy in this week with our Antarctica topic!

The children have been learning about modern Polar exploration and have researched the Halley VI British Antarctic Survey Research Station, then designed a new 'community' module for it using their knowledge of life in Antarctica. 

We have compared the different equipment that explorers and researchers have used over time to help us understand why Polar exploration is much more successful in modern times. We looked at the goggles used by Robert Scott, Ernest Shackleton and modern day Polar researchers and compared how effective they were in different situations (sight tests, balance tests and comfort tests). The children made their own 'wooden' Robert Scott goggles out of cardboard, used tinted swimming goggles to show what Ernest Shackleton's goggles were like and then use modern ski goggles to show what today's Polar explorers wear. 

We have also been busy writing our own diaries as if we were Polar explorers - the children have chosen the time period they wish to set their diary in (Scott, Shackleton or modern day) and have described a 5 day trek to the South Pole through their writing. 


In maths we have been using formal written methods to do short division up to 3 digits, including using remainders. (The 'bus stop' method if that helps!)