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Week Three - 9.3.20

Class 2 have been working hard on their Viking topic this week, focusing on Viking sagas! We have learnt the saga of Freya and the Goblins and have retold it in our own words using lots of the SPaG work we have covered so far in the year (such as fronted adverbials, direct speech punctuation, adverbs and different types of conjunctions.) Our guided reading book this half term is, 'The Saga of Erik the Viking,' by Terry Jones and we are really enjoying all of the monsters and gods which Erik the Viking and his men encounter on their journey!


We have also been looking at the features of a Viking longship this week and have started learning about the different Viking gods and how they were worshipped. Lots of us have already heard of Thor, Odin and Loki from a popular film franchise, however we have discovered that there is lots that has been changed when making these films, so the children have been very interested in finding out about what these Viking gods were really about! 


In maths this week we have covered co-ordinates. The children have been hard at work learning about the basics of finding co-ordinates, and then moving onto solving problems using them and doing reasoning work involving them.