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Week Three and Four - 17.6.19 and 24.6.19

We had a very quiet week while Class 3 were in Wales and enjoyed taking on some extra responsibility, like putting the lunch chairs out and helping Reception around the school.

We have been working hard on our times tables and Year 4 all did brilliantly in their Times Tables Check! It was very clear that they had all been practicing their tables at home to supplement their learning in school, I was so proud of them all!

We have been learning about more women in history over the past two weeks; Katherine Johnson (the computer who helped launch NASA rockets), Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davidson (Suffragettes) and the British women of WW2 who kept the country running while the men went to fight. 

Welly know their lines for Rock Bottom and who have brought their costumes in. All costumes need to be in ASAP so we can assess what we have and haven't got.