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Week Two - 14.6.21

We have had another super busy week in Class 2 (again!)

We have been practicing our speech punctuation to help us with dialogue in stories. Our aim is to write a story where the dialogue is used carefully to help the story move along - it's a challenge to use dialogue correctly and usefully, so we are having to work really hard!


In maths, we have been working on scaling and correspondence problems this week and will be continuing to work on problem solving next week. We are becoming much more independent with our problem solving now, having made lots of progress recently.


Our topic lessons this week have been about Mary Anning and her amazing fossil discoveries, and the Suffragettes Emily Davison and Emmeline Pankhurst. We have been researching their lifes and activism, and next week we will write biographies for them.


We are starting to rehearse the production a lot more now with Year 5/6 and need to know all our song words, lines and when we come on/off by the end of next week, ready for scriptless rehearsals moving forward.