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Week Two - 16.11.20

This week we have started learning about decimals in Class 2 - looking firstly at decimal tenths, and starting to look at decimal hundredths. We have been learning about how decimals are equivalent to fractions, counting in decimal tenths, and rounding decimal tenths and hundredths to the nearest whole number. Next week we will look more closely at decimal hundredths, focussing on equivalent fractions, dividing whole numbers by 10 and 100 and ordering numbers to 2dp.


In literacy we have been thinking about fronted adverbials; adding them to pieces of writing to improve them and writing our own pieces about evacuees to include them.

Much of our writing this term will be based around our WW2 topic which the children are really enjoying - we have learnt about rationing this week and discovered how different food was during the war compared to our diets now!