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Week Two - 9.6.19

We are looking forward to a quiet week next week as Year 5 and 6 , Mr. Emms, Miss Dyke AND Mrs. Jackson are away ALL week in North Wales on their residential! Year 4 will take over the Year 6's duties, such as putting the lunch chairs out and away, helping EYFS to assemblies, ensuring the playground is tidied after each break time and being role models to the rest of the school! We hope they have an amazing time when they are away, but we will certainly enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with nearly half the school (and half of our teaching staff!) being away!


Rehearsals WITHOUT scripts with start when Class 3 are back from Wales - so please keep learning your lines so you are ready for a script-less rehearsal!


Slips went out last Friday with guidelines for costumes for the production - please bring them in ASAP when they are ready, in a named bag. If there are any issues with costumes, please let me know so we can try and get something sorted together.