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Weeks Five and Six - 30.9.19

With parents evenings, football tournaments and lots of indoor play times because of the weather; it has felt like a busy two weeks in Class 2! 

The children have written some fantastic stories based on Pompeii and amazing poems using their knowledge of verbs and adjectives about volcanic eruptions. We have been working hard on understanding the use of adverbs in writing, and this will lead into some more complex work on fronted adverbials.

In maths, we have been using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to complete reasoning questions; we've really had to think and have enjoyed the challenge! We are also working hard on our 7 times tables and will be moving onto our 8's soon.

7 girls from Class 2 attended a girl's football tournament on Monday at Kingsley Sports Grounds in Leamington, alongside 8 other schools from the local area. They performed admirably; getting through to the semi-finals! We are so proud of them and wish the Class 3 girls the same luck when it is their turn on Monday!