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Weeks Two and Three - 15.11.21 and 22.11.21

Last week was very busy in Class 2! Mrs. Logan had a lovely time chatting with lots of our grown ups on Parents' Evenings and got to tell them all how hard we are working, we started rehearsals for our Christmas carol concert, we wore our pyjamas to school for Children in Need and we still managed to get all our work done too! Wow!


In maths we have been looking at fractions - which most us of thought were very scary until we remembered we are all really quite good at maths and it wasn't as bad we thought! We have covered finding unit and non-unit fractions of shapes and amounts, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator (which add up to one whole or less), ordering and comparing fractions with the same and different denominators and a little bit of equivalent fractions using a fraction wall.


We will be moving onto adding and subtraction fractions which add up to more the one whole, a more in depth look at equivalent fractions and then a bit of revision of the bits we found the hardest.


In literacy we have been writing biographies about Queen Victoria. We were very surprised to learn that she had nine children with her husband Prince Albert; we decided it was a good job she had big palaces to live in with them all! Although we also know that some poorer families also had lots of children and they might have all lived in one room together - very different to our lives today!


You have had all the details for our trip to the Royal Derngate Theatre to see Dick Whittington on December 14th, so please give permission and book lunches via ParentPay if you haven't already!