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Assessment at The Priors

Assessment at The Priors is very important - it helps us understand what the children can do and what they need to do next.


We use Learning Ladders as a tool to help with our assessments and judgements. You can view all of your child's assessment information by registering on the Learning Ladders website: www.laddersathome.co.uk


Helping you interpret Learning Ladders


When you view your child's page, you will see the most recent updates. This will show you what information your child's class teacher has updated. You can find out about the whole curriculum by clicking on the different strands e.g. Reading, Writing or Maths.


We apply the following principles in school:


Number of ticks What it means Parent information
0 This objective has not been taught. Do not worry about it yet. Your child has not been taught this objective and it will be covered later in the year.
1 This objective has been covered, but your child has not yet achieved it. This will be an objective we suggest you support your child with. Use the help sheets attached to the objective to give you ideas.
2 This objective has been taught. Your child has shown some evidence of understanding, although my not be entirely secure. Work with your child on this objective to help secure their understanding.
3 This objective has been taught and your child understands it. Celebrate your child's success with them!


Assessment at The Priors Meeting

End of Key Stage Assessment Evenings