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Blog - 23rd April 2022

Saturday 23rd April 2022


I have had a busy week at home this week. I have had two training sessions to help me learn how to play nicely with my big doggie sister (Cassie) and teach me some important life skills! I have some more of these individual sessions and I also begin my Kennel Club puppy obedience classes next week. They are working me hard already.


I have learnt how to sit, use my paw and fetch a ball already. I do like having treats to do this - but which puppy doesn't? I am already getting much better and chilling out around the house and that is important for when I come to school. I need to be able to lie down and settle so that I can hear the children read and help them with any worries.


I visited the vet yesterday to get my final vaccination. I was a very brave girl and the vet said I was very calm and gentle. I did get a bit excited when we first got there and did a little wee on Mr Emms, but I am sure he didn't mind too much! I have loved exploring our garden and finding things out, but I didn't enjoy saying hello to a bumble bee - I have now learnt to stay away from them!


I have been to school a couple of times and I like the building! I am sure it will be different with children there, but I am very excited about starting at The Priors!