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Thursday 10th June

We have finished our final full day on our residential and the children are tucked up in bed (we did it before 11pm!). We could not be prouder of your children. They have been adventurous, willing to give things a go, have been very funny and they have been a credit to you and to the school. We are sure you are really excited to see them again to hear all about this week!


Mrs Jackson’s groups started the day with crate stacking, followed by sailing and kayaking. Mrs Jackson claims she stood on top of an 18 crate tower, but without the photographic evidence, did it really happen? Mr Emms’ group sailed first thing, then completed a number of challenges – the problem solving course, the night line course and the crate stacking.

The day ended with a camp fire full of singing, stories, games and a special awards ceremony.


Mrs Jackson’s Group – The Daredevils


Total Daredevil – Zach. Just born to be a sporting adventurer, first up to take on everything and absolutely, brilliantly, fearless!

Smiler Daredevil – Esme.  I think she smiled so much this week that she must have smiled in her sleep!

Splasher Daredevil – Amber-Rose.  Who would have guessed at the start of the week how keen she would be to get in the water and get splashing?!

Cool Daredevil – Felicity.  Was just COOL all week, even running all the way across the kayak rafts with style!

Enthusiastic Daredevil – Charlotte.  Shared her positive attitude with the whole group as she threw herself into everything

Brave Daredevil – Jack.  Overcoming injury to complete as many challenges as possible without a mention of his arm!

Stylish Daredevil – Abi.  How can anyone make abseiling and zooming down a zip wire look so graceful?!

Ninja Daredevil – Oscar.  Heroically quietly confident and capable, nailed every activity without any fear, like abseiling upside-down!

Surprising Daredevil – Oli.  Rose to every challenge without batting an eyelid, a secret adventurer!

Leader Daredevil – Megan.  Full of good ideas and always willing to get stuck into everything.

Witty Daredevil – Amelie.  Having a brilliant time and making us all laugh along the way!

Spidey Daredevil – Jessica.  Our Marvel-obsessed Ms Positive attitude, taught the group how to hang on a zipwire like Spiderman.


Mr Emms’ Group – The Silly Saints (I don’t know why, ask the children…)


Crazy Saint – Jenson. He threw himself headfirst (sometimes literally) into every challenge that he faced.

Wettest Saint – Alex. Somehow managed to get wet in every activity we did. He spent more time in the lake than his kayak!

Stylish Saint – Ila. The lady of 5,000 costume changes and rocking the double tie-dye!

Bonkers Saint – Beatrice. What a wonderful sense of humour. Just laughed the whole way through (I wanted to call this hilarious saint, but the children wanted bonkers…)

Enthusiastic Saint – Sorrel. The girl with the most enthusiasm for activities I have seen. She just wanted to get involved all of the time.

Give It A Go Saint – Lizzy. Would always want to the be first to try something and always got stuck in.

Spidey Saint – Beth. Who knew that Beth could fly up and down a climbing wall, no problem at all?

Cool Saint- Ellie. Cool, calm and composed in all activities. Would keep her cool and not panic and always complete the challenge. She was also game for a laugh… sorry for making you sing “Come on you Blues!”

Superstar Saint – Poppy. What a star she is. Never gives up. Tries her hardest. The improvement from the beginning of kayaking to the end was unbelievable.

Brave Saint – Evie. To see Evie overcome her fears when zip-wiring and abseiling was truly inspirations. What a legend.

Leader Saint – Doris. Had wonderful ideas. Could think through problems and lead the group. She led by example and was super encouraging of her friends.