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Tuesday 6th June

Amazingly, we all had a good night's sleep last night and we are up bright and early this morning ready for our room inspection and breakfast. Surprisingly, we started the morning watching Peppe Pig, Paw Patrol a​​​​​nd Baby Shark...


We have had a great time today and we are all extremely tired and worn out. The weather was a bit chillier than we had hoped for (especially with some activities on the lake), but we all have achieved so much! The weather is looking kinder to us tomorrow, which is brilliant news for Miss Dyke's group.


The Pineapple Heads started the day with canoeing. We all put our buoyancy aids and helmets on and headed to the lake. A quick lesson of how to paddle followed and we got our paddling as quickly as possible. Some children thought it was a swimming lesson instead of a canoeing lesson (mentioning no names Johnny, Samuel and Leon!), but it was great fun We also completed the Enigma Escape Room challenge which meant our brains had to start working again. Climbing was brilliant - we learnt how to support each other by holding the ropes tight and we managed to climb to some great heights. Special mention to Johnny for managing to traverse around a corner! We ended the day with raft building - their challenge was to build a raft to transport me around the lake. They did this well until I decided to jump in. Unfortunately for Alice, the barrel she was sat on rolled around and tipped her in with me!


The Groovy Grapes decided to have a name change this morning, and after a lengthy democratic process they have changed their name to the Brilliant Bunch. They started the day with Archery - although a few arrows missed the targets! Hugo is definitely the new Robin Hood though as he hit the target so many times. Canoeing followed archery and lots of children again thought it would be a good place to have their first wash of the week - Jess even decided to take her shoes off and clean them in there! After canoeing, we all climbed up the climbing wall and so many of reached the top. Millie was such an expert climber and flew up there in no time!

Gallery of Day 2 - The Pineapple Heads