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Monday 5th June

The children have all arrived at school and we are ready and raring to go! We will keep this blog updated throughout the week so that you can see the wonderful fun your children are having.


Special mention to Kerry, who is celebrating her 10th Birthday with us today.


We are here and settling into our lodge - Ullsawter. It was so funny watching the children try to put their duvet covers on. I think Miss Dyke and I ended up doing most of them!

After arriving at 11.15am, we had a tour of the site, we shown to our rooms and had lunch together. We then got ourselves ready for our activities.


Mr Emms' group decided to call themselves The Pineapple Heads, and Miss Dyke's group at The Groovy Grapes.


The Pineapple Heads have been zip wiring and took part in archery (where Eggie's marksmanship means Mr Emms is a bar of chocolate down!). A special mention must go to Pati, who, despite being terrified, did step off the tower to zip wire. Such amazing resilience.


The Groovy Grapes did the Leap of Faith and the Zip Wire. They had to climb a tall tower, just to throw themselves off the side and reach for a trapeze bar. The children worked so well together, encouraged each other and supported one another. Such a great first day!

Gallery of Day One - Pineapple Heads

Gallery of Day 1 - Groovy Grapes