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Thursday 8th June

Our last full day at Whitemoor Lakes has been jam packed full of activities and we are exhausted but have achieved so much.


The Pineapple Heads spent most of the day with their heads in the clouds. Abseiling to start, followed by the traverse and the Gladiator challenge. Each activity involved the children being high up and overcoming any fears. Firstly, abseiling was great fun. The children showed great bravery and trust in the equipment to sit back over the ledge and climb down the wall. It was wonderful to see Matilda overcome her worries to do this as she really was not sure! The Gladiator challenge was so difficult, but the children were amazing. They had to climb up an obstacle course and stand on top of a pole suspended off the ground. Olivia, who has been worried about activities involving height all week, managed to turn this all around to fly up to the top and defeat the Gladiator. We finished with a problem solving activity where the children had to balance a see-saw, go through a spider web, and complete an obstacle course without touching the floor. It was incredible to see the team work so well together and Lily, Leon, Orla and Eggie were amazing at offering suggestions and working as part of a team.


The Brilliant Bunch built buggies, abseiled and also traversed. The buggy building was great fun and the children worked hard to build buggies. We cannot say that the Flintmobile was the most sturdy as Leah and Hugo had a bit of a rough ride when the wheels fell off. Ironically, the Deathtrap was perfectly built and did not fall apart, thanks to Kerry's knots! Traversing was a super challenge for the children. They had to traverse across three obstacles at varying heights - a solid log, a wire with a rope handle and a wire with some ropes dangling down. Esme has struggled with confidence with some of the high challenges and was amazing when she reached the top. This group also had a problem solving session, and one of the activities was journeying into space to retrieve space rocks on the space walk. Flora was just amazing at this and helped control her group to complete the challenge.


We all finished the evening with a night walk around the lake and we are now all ready for bed (hopefully)!