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The Jaguar Land Rover Day


Tuesday 1st September was designated Jaguar Land Rover Day, we had one day to get the project finished before the children returned from the long summer break. The teams arrived early, keen to work and ready for their bacon and sausage sandwiches which were being provided by our on-site caterer Jo Hookey.


The teams split off into their project groups and work began. They braved the elements, which alternated between glorious sunshine and torrential downpours, and worked feverishly until lunchtime. When 42 grateful workers tucked into jacket potatoes and ploughman's lunches!


In the afternoon the project really started coming together and we could begin to see how it would look when they had finished. The weather continued to keep us on our toes, but they didn't stop. The planned finish time came and went but there was no stopping them, they had committed to the project and were going to see it through.


As the mud was finally being jet hosed away, we stood back and admired their efforts. We were all thrilled with the finished result and very grateful! The last of the Jaguar Land Rover team headed home at 7.30pm having gone well and truly beyond the call of duty!


A small band of parents, governors and staff took advantage of the following day to tidy up and get everything ready for the children's arrival the next morning. It was wonderful to see the reactions of the children coming into school on the Thursday morning; so excited to see all the things that had been done to their school over the summer holidays. No doubt they will continue to appreciate it everyday!