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Meet our Head Students

We have Head Students at The Priors School. The staff in the school vote for the children who they believe uphold and demonstrate the values of the school to an excellent standard. The Head Boy and Head Girl have many responsibilities such as:


  • Representing the school at events, such as Remembrance Day;
  • Showing visitors around the school;
  • Supporting the School Council to make decisions for the school; and
  • Leading Celebration Assemblies.


We are very excited to see how this role develops and look forward to seeing how Megan and Alex flourish with these responsibilities.

Megan and Alex



Hello, my name is Megan and I am very proud to be a head student at The Priors School. I have been at the school for 7 since I started in Nursery. My brother, who used to come to the school, was also a head student so I am glad to follow on in his footsteps. I enjoy cooking, football, art and photography. I have four chickens at home and enjoy looking after them. I enjoy school very much because the teachers are great!



Hello, my name is Alec, and I am one of the head students at The Priors School. I love sports, especially football and I love reading. I have been coming to The Priors for three years and I love it. Right now, I am in Class 3 and I really enjoy school. I am very proud to be a head student and I am looking forward to carrying out some of my duties.

Head Boy & Girl Alumni


2020/21 - Doris S and Jack F

2019/20 - Bibi B & Tom J

2018/19 - Clem M & Austin W

2017/18 - Ellie G & Ollie W