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Wednesday 9th June

The children are impressing us more and more each day and proving themselves capable, resilient and able to overcome any challenge they face with a real sense of adventure and enjoyment. We would also like to let you know that they can tidy their own rooms - they have kept them immaculate over these first few days -  as we are always sure they do at home! wink


Today, Mrs Jackson's group have zip wired, abseiled, climbed and canoed followed by a lovely team building exercise of keeping an egg in tact after being dropped from a high level. Abi has really impressed us today with her ability to abseil upside down with more grace and elegance than should be possible! Zach has also shown a real sense of adventure and has made sure he has the maximum amount of fun possible.


Mr Emms' group have abseiled, zip wired and then spent the whole afternoon kayaking (or falling in the water if you are Alex, or spinning round in circles if you are Mr Emms) followed by the same egg activity this evening. Jenson has been amazing this week in always leading from the front and always being the first to volunteer to do an activity.