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Wednesday 7th June

What a wonderful Wednesday we have had!



It has been very busy and we have a few tired children (and teachers today!). The weather has picked up and we had a lovely, sunny afternoon on the water. Read on to find out about each group's day!


The Pineapple Heads had a day of jumping from heights, paddle boarding, orienteering and supposedly making buggies that transport other children (without the wheels falling off!).


To start the morning we had to complete the leap of faith - jumping from a high platform onto a trapeze bar. The group were amazing and I have to say a special well done to Matilda and Orla for making it to the top and leaping off - they had to really steal themselves to do that! Paddle boarding was great fun - especially when Johnny, Eggie and Alice pushed me off - thank you for that! Pati managed to overcome her fear and jump into the lake, which was amazing! Finally, the team work for building the buggies was awesome, but the knot tying skills not so much. It was hilarious seeing the groups begin to move and then the back wheels falling off.


The Brilliant Bunch had a water based day today, with raft building, sailing and paddle boarding. Raft building was great fun and the children did build a stable craft. However, it soon descended into chaos when they thought it would be a good idea to have a water fight and soak Miss Dyke. Sailing was great fun. Miss Dyke powered around the lake like she was in Monaco's harbour causing waves for the children. Lucky for Charlotte she could fly around the lake as all that could be heard from her was "I have got wind" - we are assuming she was talking about the weather conditions! Paddle boarding was awesome, but again there seems to be a theme here as Eva, Jess and Flora Pa decided it would be great fun to push Miss Dyke in.


We ended the day with a disco. I have neve seen so many strange dance moves and cartwheels in one place. Also, did you know that Miss Dyke was an expert at "The Worm"?