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Monday 7th June

The children all arrived at school on time, with the excitement building for this amazing experience. We loaded onto the coach, and loaded ourselves up with sweets and we were off. We arrived at the centre, had a tour and lunch and started our activities. Mrs Jackson's group began with the high ropes, followed by raft building and the night line and it was amazing to see how Amber Rose threw herself into the middle of the group to be the best "splasher" in the lake!


Mr Emms' group started with raft building, completed the high ropes and the compass challenge. I could not believe how quickly Lizzie and Beth could climb up the high ropes course - you blinked and they were at the top!


Everybody had a wonderful day, challenged themselves and enjoyed the lovely food (spaghetti and meatballs!). We are about to begin the bedtime routine - wish us luck and tune in tomorrow for more highlights of our time!