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Blog 29th April 2022



I have had a wonderful week at work this week. It has been exhausting - I am not used to working - but I have enjoyed myself.


I came into school on Monday and was a little nervous, especially when I came into assembly - there were a lot of children looking at me. However, all the children at the school seem lovely and I cannot wait to get to say hello to them all. I have spent a lot of time in Mr Emms' office, getting used to the smells and sounds of the school and trying to stop Miss Dyke from cuddling me!


I have been into every classroom and Arthur taught me an amazing fact about plants. Did you know there are 369,000 species of flowering plant in the world? I also had Lacey and Myah bring some work to show me. They did some wonderful writing about Roald Dahl. I was very impressed. I have also spent part of an afternoon in the afterschool club, and that was great fun. I have also helped Mr Emms with a break duty - the children had lots of fun and I really wanted to join in with football but I wasn't allowed off my lead!


I was very lucky, I also had a play in the wild garden with Felicity. She has broken both arms and can't do daily mile, so I get a training session and lots of treats from her. I am a lucky girl!


I have been a great helper this week and have shown people around the school, although I don't think Mr Emms was impressed when I did a wee in front of our visitors! blush


At home, I have had another training session and I am learning how to go a space and stay there until I am asked to leave. I am finding this one tricky, but I am sure I will get the hang of it.


I have loved seeing you all this week!