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Parents as partners


The Priors Preschool recognises parents/carers as their children’s first and most important educators.  There are lots of ways in which you can help your child to get the most out of their time at Preschool.


  • Always praise your child’s efforts and the work they bring home, even though it may be immature at first.
  • Remember that Preschool can be tiring at first, so ensure that your child has plenty of rest.
  • Encourage your child’s independence by letting them try to hang up their coat, recognise their name etc.
  • Although they may need support or assistance, you will be surprised how quickly your child will develop these skills.
  • Support your child in bringing in items for the interest table, nature table or to support our topics.
  • Have a chat at the end of the session about what they have done and what did they enjoy, but be prepared most children’s usual response is ‘nothing’; this is usually followed by them wanting to discuss every detail, usually at the most inconvenient moment!.
  • Remember that every child is an individual, and each child will settle into Preschool differently.  You may need to stay with your child for a short time or your child may settle quickly if you are not there.  Our children know that we love them, and if you are upset about leaving them, this may cause them to feel anxious. But remember they very quickly become distracted and realise that you will be back when they have had a play with their new friends.


For a partnership between a parent and our setting to be successful, there needs to be a meaningful exchange of knowledge and information. Working with children and families will sometimes bring us into contact with sensitive and confidential information. Every adult in Preschool, including students, is made aware of this policy and is required to respect it.


Our aims are to:

  • To inform parents of areas in which they can become involved in their child’s education and achievements via newsletters, curriculum planning, photos, displays, notices and verbally, where appropriate. Allow parents access to their child’s records and/or photos, videotapes, etc., through a staff member.
  • Liaise with parents via a key person system.
  • To hold a one-to-one meeting within the first two weeks to enable us to discuss your wishes for your child, any issues you may have and where we feel your child’s starting points are.
  • Provide time and privacy, wherever possible, to talk and listen to parents. This will be achieved at the beginning and end of the sessions and by arrangement.
  • Only discuss confidential matters on individual children with the parent concerned or for purposes of individual educational planning.
  • Discuss any early indicators for additional provision or modification in the child’s educational needs with parents.
  • Retain information specified by the LEA for up to 21 years 3 months and will only share this on a ‘need to know’ basis.
  • Follow the complaints procedure as outlined later in this document.


While it is harder to keep our website up to date, we do have a Priors School Facebook page on which we post events (with reminders) and photos. Please like the page to receive our updates.




What do we want to achieve?

  • Parents to be more involved in and have a say in the day-to-day of Preschool.
  • Parents’ social events enable parents to get to know each other as it is felt that there is only a short window of time to chat when dropping off or collecting children, and in many cases, the children will be going to school together for many more years.
  • Parents to be more involved in suggesting and deciding on fundraising events.
  • Parents to suggest facilities or resources they feel would enhance their child’s time at pre-school, which we can then fundraise for.