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What to Bring

What will my child need?


  • Sensible shoes/sandals for outdoor play, please do not send your child to Pre-school wearing heels, open-toed sandals, or flip flops as this causes a hazard when playing on the climbing equipment
  • Appropriate clothing, your child may get messy and although we provide aprons for messy activities such as painting, children do have the tendency to find the only bit of clothing not covered.  We do like to encourage the wearing of Preschool sweatshirts which are available from our uniform supplier, Your School Uniform.  As well as developing your child’s sense of belonging these are easily washable and leave your child free to explore and experiment.
  • A change of clothes, children quite often have accidents in a new environment as they become engrossed in activities and forget to go to the toilet. Also, a spare t-shirt may come in handy if your child becomes wet when playing in the water.
  • Clothing that is easy for your child to manage when toileting i.e. no belts or braces.
  • They should not wear unnecessary jewellery. Jewellery is not our responsibility and can be dangerous to your child or other children (bulky or sharp or liable to be caught or pulled off and scatter beads that could be swallowed.
  • The children are taken outside to play on a daily basis, weather permitting, so please ensure that during the summer your child brings a sun hat and is wearing sun cream, and during the colder weather your child has a coat and if needed a hat/gloves.
  • If your child needs to bring a particular toy as a comforter, these can be kept during the session in their bag. Please do not allow them to bring in money or any item which is fragile or valuable.