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School Closure - Tuesday 12th December

Dear parents,


I have been up to the school this afternoon and following discussions with staff and Governors I have had to make the difficult decision to keep the school closed tomorrow. I appreciate that the main roads in the local area are well gritted and clear, but the roads near the school are very hazardous and the school site itself is under a significant amount of snow. Approaching the school site, I almost lost control of my car and I had to help a lady whose car was stuck in the snow. I have also taken a walk around all of the routes that are used to come into school. The paths are extremely icy and will only become worse with the forecast -6 degrees tonight and the route through the churchyard is potentially dangerous due to a fallen tree.


As I stated on Sunday the safety of our pupils, teachers and parents is my paramount concern and I cannot guarantee our normal levels of safety at the school.


I hope that by making this decision early it will allow you to make alternative plans and reduce the inconvenience.


I will continue to provide updates regarding the situation for Wednesday, although I anticipate we will be able to open as the forecast shows a warming of the temperature to a balmy 1 degree with rain, which may clear the snow.


Kind regards,


Ricky Emms

Head Teacher