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**URGENT** Severn Trent Disruption

We have received notification from Severn Trent that, due to essential work on the water mains, there may be disruption to our water supply on Tuesday 17th October between 9am & 11am. We have asked how this will impact on us and what mitigations they will be putting in place, however unfortunately they are not able to give us any guidance or support. As we legally have to provide flushing toilets, access to fresh drinking water and water for catering this puts us in a very tricky position.


We have decided we will keep the school open during this time, as there may not be any disruption. However, if the work does result in loss of water supply we will have no option but to close the school. Whilst we hope this will not be the case, we would recommend that you put contingencies in place for children to be collected at short notice if required.


We are very frustrated that we have been put in this position and hope that Severn Trent will get all the work done within those hours, and there will be no further disruption.