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This week we have been learning about length and height in numeracy. We had lots of fun comparing the length of different objects and ordering them from the shortest object to the longest. We also looked at how we can use rulers to help us measure length in cm. We enjoyed carefully measuring the lengths of different things we found in the classroom.


This week we have made our invitations for our Grandparents' Afternoon Tea to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. We are all so excited already!


We have started our gymnastics lessons this week. We are learning a routine ready for our competition with other schools in the area. So far we have learnt to do a forward roll and a teddy bear roll. It was lots of fun!


Class 1 had a very exciting last day of Spring term. We were told by children in Class 3 that they had seen something mysterious in the forest school so we decided to go and check it out. When we got there we realised that the mysterious thing must have been the Easter Bunny because there were chocolate eggs everywhere! Once we had all found our chocolate eggs, we decided to release our butterflies into the Forest School. Although they needed some encouragement to leave their cosy home, it was wonderful to watch them eventually fly away into their new habitat.


Today we started our DT projects for this term. We looked at existing products and deconstructed them to find out what they were made of and how we thought they had been made. Once we had had finished, we got to taste them! All of these investigations will help inform our our Easter Cake designs.


We went on our school trip to Stratford Butterfly Farm this week. We had an amazing time! We learnt all about butterflies and experienced the humidity of the rainforest. We also learnt more about the Maya Civilisation and how they lived in the rainforests of Central America many centuries ago. After we had finished our tour of the Butterfly Farm, we went on a Spring Hunt around Stratford Recreational Ground and even had some time to play on the park. It was an amazing trip and all the adults were very proud of how well the children behaved.



What a busy week it's been! This week has been national science week and we have been learning all about growth. We learnt about how lots of living things grow. We completed our investigation into how water and sunlight affect a plant's growth, looked how we had grown and changed since we were born, and also started looking after our class caterpillars and tracking their growth.


On top of all of this, we had our first ever class assembly this week! We did a really good job and made Miss Dyke very proud of us! At the end of our assembly, we had a special message for Miss Youel because today is her last day. We will really miss her!


To finish off our extra busy week, we spent our playtime soaking Mr Emms for Comic Relief - it was so much fun!


We had a wonderful time on our Now Press Play experience about the Maya civilisation this week! 


It was World Book Day this week! We had an amazing time dressing up as our favourite book characters, reading with the Class 3 children, swapping our old books and showing off our amazing vegetable book characters.


This week we have been learning about money. We can now recognise the different coins and notes, add coins together and make totals using different coins.


This week we learnt about parts of a flowering plant. We had lots of fun pulling apart daffodils and labelling the different parts.


This week we talked about different ways we learn new things. We discussed how we can learn from listening to someone, watching someone or just giving it a go ourselves! We practised these different types of learning by listening to intructions from Miss Dyke, watching Miss Dyke do something and just giving the challenge a go ourselves. It was lots of fun. Once we had finished we discussed our favourite type of learning and talked about how everyone is different.


We have been learning about multiplication this week. We have made equal groups to help us solve multiplication number sentences. We now know that the 'x' symbol can be read as 'groups of', so it helps us remember how to solve the question!


During PE this week, we practised the skills for our Agility Games competition. We had to jump as far as we could from standing position, throw beanbags into hoops and jump across a line as quickly as we could. We learnt some tips to help us improve our scores and put them into practise - it was brilliant to see how we have improved from last week!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We have started the year as we mean to go on in Class 1, with lots of learning and lots of fun! In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. We had to count the sides of each shape and the Year 2s even counted the vertices! We then had to sort the shapes according to their properties.


Class 1 and EYFS had a wonderful time watching the Hungry Caterpillar at Warwick Arts Centre earlier this week!


Class 1 and EYFS performed their nativity to Class 2 amd 3 today and they were fantastic! We are all very excited to show our grown ups on Monday!


Class 1 had a wonderful time decorating the classroom for Christmas this week. We listened to Christmas songs whilst making the classroom very Christmassy. The countdown to the big day starts now!


Class 1 have worked very hard on their lost posters for Beegu this week. We used our adjective word bank to help us form our sentences to describe Beegu.


As part of Anti-Bullying week, Class 1 have been learning a story called 'Beegu'. Beegu is an alien who is lost on Earth. Unfortunately, many people are not kind to Beegu as she is different, however some children are very welcoming and play with Beegu. Class 1 discussed how Beegu must have felt throughout the story and how, just because someone looks different, we should still be kind and friendly towards them.


Class 1 were incredibly respectful when learning about Remembrance day. They observed the 2 minute silence and wrote some fantastic sentences and poems about the special day.


Class 1 had a fantastic time learning about the Hindu story of Rama and Sita. We had lots of fun acting out the story and using chalk to mark out the magical, protective circle that Rama drew around Sita.


Class 1 had a great time burning our mini London town. It was very exciting to watch the fire spread from one house to many others. We also watched how the fire died out once the houses had been burnt and it had nothing left to burn. This shows us what happened in London when they pulled down the houses to stop the fire from spreading any more.

Class 1's mini fire of London

Still image for this video


Class 1 had a wonderful time learning the story of The Little Red Hen. Once we had  learn the story and put our own actions to it, we went outside to act it out. We had lots of fun playing the different characters.


We went on a walk around Priors Marston this week. We found houses that had similar features to houses in 1666. We found houses with thatched roofs and some houses that had wood beams. We also went on a hunt for fire hydrants. We spoke about how houses have changed since 1666. Homes are now more commonly made from brick, which doesn't burn as easily as wood.


Class 1 would like to say a huge thank you to the Southam firefighters today. They taught us all about how they fight fires and the equipment they use. It was very different to the equipment people used to fight the Great Fire of London in 1666! 

We really enjoyed exploring the fire engine and squirting the hose!


Class 1 had a wonderful time baking bread just like Thomas Farriner used to. We had to follow the instructions carefully and had lots of fun!


Class 1 have had a great first week! They had a wonderful time learning about their senses today. They used their senses to describe the fire. Their favourite bit was when they used their taste sense for their toasted marshmallows - yummy!


Class 1 went on their first school trip of the year this week and we had so much fun! We spent the day at Compton Verney learning all about habitats and shelters. We learnt how shelters must be strong, waterproof and camouflaged to protect the person inside from the weather and predators. We made little shelters to protect of 'special treasure' (a yummy biscuit!) and then, in the afternoon, we worked in our teams to built huge shelters that could protect our whole group. Once the shelters were complete we all got inside and water was poured on them to check if they were waterproof. Luckily, only some of us got wet!


We had so much fun during Sports Day!


We had lots of fun making sushi today! We even tried to use chopsticks to pick up the pieces!


Class 1 have started their Japanese learning this week! We have worn slippers all week because in Japan people don’t wear outdoor shoes inside.  We also had to clean the classroom after each day, just like Japanese school children. We actually found it quite fun!


We have had a busy week in Class 1. We have learnt about the countries of the UK and identified different flags from around the world. We have also completed our learning on Romeo and Juliet. We were quite sad by the ending so we decided to make an alternative version where Romeo and Juliet got their happy ever after.


We have had lots of fun learning the story of Romeo and Juliet in Class 1 this week. We have wrote diaries from the perspective of the main characters after their first meeting and even acted out Mercutio and Tybalt’s sword fight! 



We had a wonderful time during our castle day this week. We did a Now Press Play experience, created our own illuminated letters, participated in a jousting tournament and ate at a royal banquet! We were very excited during the banquet because Sir Jame the knigh joined us. Sir James taught us all about what life was like as a knight and showed us some of his armour and weapons!


We had lots of fun during our PSCHE lesson this week. We learnt that trying new things can help us control our hidden chimp so we all decided to try something new - the hall climbing frame! Even though some of us felt nervous and some of us felt excited, we controlled our Chimps, behaved sensibly and lots of us reached the top!


Class 1 have been learning all about Queen Elizabeth II this week. We have found it fascinating learning about her amazing life. We have also finished our self portraits and displayed them in our castle classroom. Look at the photo below to see the wonderful portraits of the Lords and Ladies in Class 1.


We have been learning about compliments in Class 1 and we spent one our our lessons leaving kind messages for each of our class mates. It put big smiles on our faces when we read the kind things that our friends said about us.


We have had such a great week in Class 1 this week. We have been writing our own version of Princess and the Pea story, from the pea's perspective! We have been concentrating on using capital letters and full stops whilst still making our sentences exciting for the reader. We are all really proud of our writing. You can see some of our super writing below!


This week Class 1 learnt all about what coat of arms were and why they were used in medieval times. We learnt about what some of the colours and animals symbolise on coat of arms and then designed our own. Do you like them?


Happy Easter Everyone! We hope you all have an amazing holiday and we're looking forward to seeing you all in two weeks! Here are some photos from this week in Class 1.


Do you like our portcullis? We have started turning our classroom into a castle. So far we have a portcullis and battlements. We can't wait to add more castle features to our classroom next week.


Happy Red Nose Day! We had great fun coming to school dressed in red and sporting a crazy hair style, however I think the biggest hit of the day was definitely soaking Mr Emms with our water pistols!


We have had a fantastic week in Class 1 this week. We have learnt more about early castles and even made our own Motte and Bailey Castle in our sandpit! We learnt about 3D shape in numeracy and wrote lots of descriptive sentences about the Paper Bag Princess during our Literacy lessons.


Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mums of Class 1! We hope you all liked the homemade soap the children made. The children were very proud of them!


It has been wonderful to have Class 1 back in the classroom together, after such a long time away. We’ve had lots of fun this week, from extra playtimes to give us more chances to play with our friends, to making special gifts for our mummies ready for the weekend. We’ve started our new topic about Castles and Knights and read a very funny story called the Paperbag Princess. We were all very surprised by the ending!


What a busy week it's been! We've made snowmen, salt dough decorations, christmas cards and decorated biscuits! We hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and we are looking forward to seeing you all in 2021!


Class 1 had a fantastic time at the Panto this week!


Class 1 had a brilliant time decorating the classroom this week. We are all feeling very excited for Christmas!


Class 1 had a great time with the Now Press Play equipment this week. We went on an Arctic adventure and learnt all about what life is like for people living in the Arctic.


Class 1 had a great time acting out the story 'The Polar Bear Son'. We will be looking into this story a little more over the next few weeks and writing diary entries from the old woman's perspective.


It's Diwali this weekend so Class 1 have been learning all about the Hindu Festival of Light. We heard the story of Rama and Sita and learnt about the traditions that take place during Diwali. One of these traditions is to make a rangoli pattern outside your house to welcome the Gods into your home. Traditional rangoli patterns are made from coloured rice or chalk. We had a go at making our own rangoli patterns from coloured rice. It was very tricky but lots of fun. We think we did a really good job!


Class 1 had a great time measuring real dinosaur lengths on the playground today. We found out that the longest dinosaur was 40m long!


Class 1 had a wonderful time at the Dinosaur Museum. Have a look at all the special exhibits below:


In PSCHE this week, we learnt about about how sometimes we can feel our early warning signs (like our heart beating fast and butterflies in our tummy), but we decide to take a risk on purpose. It is ok to feel nervous or worried about something new, but it shouldn’t stop us from doing it.


We made salt dough dinosaur fossils in Class 1 this week. The dough was very sticky so we made to add more flour. Once the dough was perfect, we used our dinosaur toys to make an imprint of a dinosaur.


We have finished our dinosaur! We worked together to join the tubes and shaped them into a dinosaur skeleton. It took a long time but we are very proud of it.


Check out our amazing dinosaur silhouettes:


We have had a great week this week. We have started making our giant dinosaur and learnt all about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.


We’ve had a great week in Class 1. In Numeracy the Year 1s have been learning about 1 more and 1 less, and the Year 2s have been learning about tens and ones in 2 digit numbers. In Literacy we’ve learnt the story of the three little pigs and even learnt some actions! We learnt about repeated speech, check out some of our work below!


Johni was put in the Golden Book this week for being a fantastic role model to the other children. Well done Johni! Here’s a photo of Johni with the amazing tin man he made over the summer holidays. 


What a fantastic week we’ve had. The new Year 1s have settled in brilliantly and we have all been having lots of fun! We have also been working very hard, we have finished our work on the Wizard of Oz and have put lots of it on display. There are photos below so that you can all see the children’s hard work.


We have had a great few days back in our normal class after the summer holidays. We have loved learning about the Wizard of Oz and have started to put together a big display in the hall to show off all of our Wizard of Oz work. We had to be very careful when cutting out the poppies and painting the characters.


Well done to everyone who took part in the ‘Trash to Treasure’ recycling competition. Your creations were amazing! A special congratulations goes to Freya and Charlotte for coming first and second - well done girls!


We had an amazing time during World Book Day. We made up our own character and then wrote stories about them. We also read with the Class 3 children, it was lots of fun!


In Class 1 we have been learning about the importance of hygiene. We have learnt how to wash our hands properly and talked about making sure we catch our coughs and sneezes with our hands or tissues to stop germs spreading. We learnt a really fun song to help us remember the 8 different things we should do when washing our hands.


We had an amazing time on our school trip to the Living Rainforest this week. We learnt all about the different plants and animals in the rainforest and how they have adapted to survive in the rainforest. 


We have had a lovely week in Class 1 this week. We have learnt about the different animals that live in the rainforest and how they have adapted to survive in their habitat. We were also very excited this week because we received letters from our penpals. We're all really looking forward to writing our replies.


Happy New Year! In Class 1, we have started the year as we mean to go on. We've had lots of fun and worked very hard. We've started our new 'Rainforest' topic and also learnt the story of 'The Billy Goats Gruff' ready for us to make an alternative version set in the rainforest. We really enjoyed acting out the story, look at our photos below!


We had a wonderful time at Warwick Arts Centre seeing ‘Father Christmas’.


We were learning about different materials today. We sorted the objects according to their different materials and then used our new vocabulary to describe their properties.


We had a wonderful time at the Hindu Mandir in Leamington Spa. We learnt lots about the Hindu faith and how they worship.


We started our play rehearsals this week. We are really excited and lots of the children have already learnt their lines! We can't wait to show you all our super play.


We started our new mini-topic this week. We learnt all about Vincent Van Gogh and looked at lots of his paintings. We looked in detail at 'Starry Night' and used it to inspire our poetry writing.


Look at our lovely poems below:


We would like to say a big thank you to Johni’s mummy for showing us her spinning wheel. It was interesting to see what it was like for a spinster in the 1600s.


This week we have been learning about the different layers of the rainforest. We learnt about the animals that live in the emergent layer, the canopy, the understorey and the forest floor. Here is the diagram we made to show the different layers - it even shows how dark it gets in the lower levels of the rainforest.


We burnt our miniature fire of London! We watched as the fire spread from ‘Thomas Farriner’s Bakery’ to all the other houses in London. 

Our miniature fire of London

Still image for this video


What a busy week we’ve had. We had a fantastic time on Wednesday at the KS1 Agility games. Everyone tried really hard and had lots of fun!


We've had a very busy week this week. We have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen in literacy and we have been using number lines to help us add in numeracy. 


The Southam firefighters came back today. We really enjoyed looking around the fire engine and learning all about their equipment. We all got the chance to sit in the fire engine and squirt the big hose! 


What a busy week! We had a visit from the firefighters and learnt all about their fire fighting equipment. Unfortunately, the visit was cut short due to an emergency but Class 1 were very understanding and sensible. We found out later that everybody was ok. The firefighters will be returning on Wednesday.


We have also been busy using numicon in maths to help our understanding of numbers to 20 and we acted out a Hindu wedding as part of our RE lesson. Have a look at our photos below:


We have had a great time this week. We started the week by baking bread just like Thomas Farriner in his Pudding Lane bakery. We then wrote instructions on how to make the bread. We had lots of fun pretending to be army commanders and shouting commands out.


What a fantastic first week in Class 1! We have had lots of fun learning about the Great Fire of London for our 'Fire! Fire!' topic. We have also been practising counting in maths. Year 1s have been counting and writing numbers to 20 and Year 2s have been counting forward and backwards from any 2 digit number.


What a fantastic start to our 'Fire, Fire' topic! Today we sat around the fire pit and talked about our senses. We even toasted marshmallows!